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As clients expect to see more data in real-time, collaboration is not just a part of demonstrating how well a campaign is performing, it also encourages everyone to become an active participant in the meeting. It is why Casanova/McCann, one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S. turned to AV Planners when they envisioned a 360-degree interactive room to stay on top of social media data and analytics as it changes.

‘‘Casanova, wanted to have the ability to review their ad campaigns in real time while their Clients are becoming more savvy in terms of what they want and demand more from their Social Media campaigns. A real-time view at how well their ad campaigns are performing is exactly what they are getting.’’ Says AV Planners CEO, Craig Heiman.


>The challenge of creating this space is taking collaboration to the next level while keeping information organized with the various data platforms.


A Digital Interactive Room: Five 46” NEC Display, allows for a 360-degree view of Casanova’s clients’ social media data. With endless customization capabilities, several displays as well as source options—you’d imagine the task of training would be daunting, however, AV Planners programmed the space with light, simple codes that is very intuitive with next to no training required. We are focused on keeping it simple and easy to use with good default settings and presets, therefore a simple 5-10 minute explanation and you’re up and running!

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