House of Worship

House of Worship

AV solutions can be extremely beneficial in houses of worship environments. In worship services, it’s important that audio, video and lighting are optimal both for in-person and remote attendees. With the current popularity of hybrid services, it’s also important to ensure your streaming services are up to date. This means high quality video and audio, and also the ability for remote participants to watch in real time. Technology must be easy to control and accessible to people without an advanced technology background.

In physical houses of worship, there are many ways to improve audio and video quality. Large displays can be installed to make it easier for those in the back of the room to view what’s happening up front, and you can even add overflow rooms outside of the main one for a more comfortable viewing experience. Displays can be retractable, projection-based or permanent. Overflow rooms are similar to the hybrid experience in that the streaming technology displays the service on a screen outside of the main room. Audio systems must be updated to accommodate the span of large rooms over video. Speakers and microphones embedded throughout the worship space ensure that the speaker and music are able to be heard.


At-home viewers won’t spend time watching a service if they can’t see or hear properly, so it’s important to invest in high quality cameras and streaming systems. Having a hybrid system in place helps you reach a larger audience: people who may not be able to attend in person or live far away, who can now stream from home and even watch on their own time.

The way your message is conveyed means a lot in a worship setting, and AV solutions help get the message across during services while making sure everyone feels included.