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Speech intelligibility, sound reinforcement and acoustic privacy are critical components of a seamless audio system for virtual connectivity.


Visuals & Video Conferencing

Ensure your team has high-quality audio, cameras and video-display solutions to create a unified communication system that supports Microsoft Teams and Zoom Video Communications.



The sophistication of today’s control systems, room scheduling platforms and hands-free technology can simplify the user experience in regards to lighting, input and display systems, and camera adjustments.



Support audio, video, data applications and network systems with a well-designed, fully integrated, structured cabling system that provides dependable connectivity to your critical network infrastructure. AV Planners specializes in complete cable design, fiber optic and network cabling installation, testing and troubleshooting, and network cable certification.

Engineering &

Our experienced team can coordinate with general contractors, IT managers and company principals to design and build an entire AV system from the ground up or retrofit the technology in an existing facility.



Share, promote, and create between offices around the globe by incorporating devices that speak fluently across secured access networks, wireless networks, and Wi-Fi.



Designed to maintain a system throughout its life span, our managed services include maintenance, upgrades, training, troubleshooting, and remote support. We offer service-level agreements (SLAs) with onsite support and quarterly maintenance.

Audio Setups

Speech intelligibility, sound reinforcement and acoustic privacy are critical components of a seamless audio system for virtual connectivity. By combining top-of-the-line audio equipment and state of the art techniques for optimal architectural acoustics, AV Planners engineers solutions for a variety of noise quality problems.

Benefits of an Audio Solution

Distributed audio enables the control and management of audio throughout the facility at a single source.
A microphone is at the beginning of a sound system — maximize the performance of an AV system by investing in the appropriate microphone for the desired application.
Acoustic treatments and speaker placements improve the level and quality of sound through increased audio intelligibility.

AV Planners' Audio News

Improving User Experience With Room Acoustics

The New Normal Of Audio Integration

Improving User Experience With Room Acoustics

Room acoustics depend uniquely on the room's shape, the use of any acoustic paneling, furniture materials and placement, ceiling height and construction materials. Each room is uniquely different, which requires a unique approach to noise control. The quality of a room's audio technology, such as microphones and speakers, plays a vital role in the user's experience but the acoustic profile can make or break it. Spaces with considerable noise levels, such as schools, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and hospitality spaces (including hotels, restaurants, and meeting spaces) need to evaluate the environment's acoustic profile. Learn more.

The New Normal Of Audio Integration

Audio can transform a user's experience — both positively and negatively — in any setting. High-quality, clear audio in a museum or conference room, for example, can create an enhanced user experience — while poor audio quality in, say, an airport or classroom can ruin the user experience. Audio is the foundation for user experience in nearly every commercial venue and application — including retail, museums, hospitality, transportation, education and corporate. With a powerful audio design, you enhance your space and create more efficient systems. Learn more. 


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Training & Classrooms


Training & Classrooms

Easy-to-use technology, like high-quality audio and video, can provide teachers with simplified, active, and virtual learning experiences for their students.

Conference Rooms


Conference Rooms

Corporate collaboration workspaces allow your team to communicate faster and smarter with the flexibility of audio and visual technology.

Community Spaces


Community Spaces

Transform a blank space with video walls, projectors and distributed audio to create a flexible and engaging experience.

Huddle Rooms


Huddle Rooms

Fuel creativity within small groups with one-touch wireless audio and video systems for brainstorming, 1:1 meetings and small-team collaboration.

Office Suites


Office Suites

Incorporate flexible technology in a private office suite to create a multipurpose space designed for day-to-day operations and virtual collaboration.