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Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, CA, sought to upgrade its main conference room with a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. The objective was to create a dynamic space that could support seamless communication and collaboration, both internally and externally. AV Planners was selected to design and implement a comprehensive AV conferencing system tailored to the hospital's needs.


The main conference room at Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital required a versatile and robust AV system capable of handling a variety of uses, from administrative meetings and medical training sessions to telemedicine consultations. The system needed to be user-friendly, allowing hospital staff to manage and operate it without extensive technical knowledge efficiently. Additionally, the AV solution had to offer high-quality audio and video capabilities to ensure clear and effective communication among participants, regardless of the location.


AV Planners proposed, furnished, and installed a turn-key AV conferencing system with advanced features to transform the hospital's main conference room into a cutting-edge collaborative space. The system included:

  • Visual Displays: Two 98” front displays were wall-mounted to provide clear, large-scale visuals for presentations and video conferencing.
  • Room PCs: A client-provided room PC with a wireless keyboard and mouse was integrated for direct control over the system, enabling easy access to video conferencing and presentation tools.
  • Video Conferencing: Three 12x PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras were installed to capture high-quality video from different angles, including two for gallery view and one specifically for the speaker, enhancing the interactive video conferencing experience.
  • Audio System: Installing two ceiling tile beam-forming microphone arrays, two wireless handheld microphones, and two wireless lavalier microphones ensured crystal-clear audio capture from anywhere in the room. A commercial-grade DSP and control system and a networked 4-channel audio amplifier provided superior sound quality and control.
  • Ceiling Speakers: Sixteen 6.5” ceiling speakers were strategically placed throughout the conference room to deliver immersive sound distribution.
  • Network Infrastructure: A 24-port AV network switch was included to ensure robust and reliable network connectivity for the AV system.
  • Control System: A 10” touchscreen controller, wall-mounted for convenience, was installed to provide intuitive control over the entire AV system, allowing staff to adjust settings as needed easily.


The installation of the AV conferencing system by AV Planners at Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital's main conference room significantly enhanced the facility's communication capabilities. The high-quality audiovisual components facilitated more engaging and productive meetings, training sessions, and telemedicine consultations. The intuitive control system ensured that the hospital staff could easily adopt the technology, leading to a seamless integration into daily operations.


The collaboration between Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital and AV Planners demonstrates the transformative impact of advanced AV technology in healthcare settings. By leveraging high-quality equipment and customized solutions, AV Planners enabled the hospital to improve communication and collaboration, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to the community. This project serves as a benchmark for future AV installations in the healthcare industry, showcasing the importance of technology in supporting healthcare professionals and patients.


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