Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Western Association of Schools and Colleges

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a reputable organization offering accreditation services to a range of public and private educational institutions, initiated a bidding process for the design, engineering, and installation of an AV system. Out of three audiovisual contractors contacted, WASC awarded the contract to AV Planners due to their comprehensive solutions.

AV Planners offered a well-rounded proposal that included not just the design and engineering of an AV system for WASC's boardroom, but also the provision of low-voltage data cabling throughout the premises, and a robust security system featuring access control and surveillance. Throughout each project stage, the primary engineer and Project Manager ensured their availability, offering real-time cost updates and options via a browser-based proposal system, thus facilitating WASC's decision-making process.

Regarding data cabling, AV Planners proposed pricing options using 5e/6, offering WASC complete transparency to make a choice that balanced cost-efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, to house the main IT rack in a visible area of the break room, AV Planners recommended a sleek, wall-mounted rack hidden behind a plexiglass door, which could swing from the back for easy servicing.

To accommodate WASC's requirements for wireless presentations and Zoom video calls, AV Planners suggested a Zoom Room solution tailored for a large conference space. This solution employed Shure MXA910 ceiling microphones, QSC ceiling speakers, and Shure's software-based Audio DSP with noise reduction. For an executive office setting, the Neat Bar Zoom Room system was proposed, promoting collaborative equity by ensuring each participant had their own square on a Zoom call.

Understanding the critical role of security and access control in any organization, AV Planners suggested an IP Intercom system by 2N for WASC. This system allowed employees to greet and admit visitors through a touch directory or DTMF code using their cell phones, providing a secure, convenient method of building access.

As a part of their ongoing collaboration, AV Planners will continue to support WASC with audio-visual upgrades, solidifying their commitment to fostering an advanced and secure communication environment for WASC.

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