Hanmi Bank

Hanmi Bank
Hanmi Bank

Established in 1982, Hanmi Bank has its roots in Los Angeles, California and has grown to be the fastest-expanding Korean-American bank in the United States. Born out of a vision to serve the underrepresented immigrant community in Koreatown, Hanmi Bank now boasts a network of more than 40 branches spreading across California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

In a bid to modernize their communication systems across their daily operational spaces, Hanmi Bank engaged AV Planners to overhaul their existing boardrooms and small conference rooms. These areas are essential communication hubs for over 600 employees scattered across six states, but the pre-existing system was outdated and a challenge for users.

AV Planners, employing their expertise in audio visual (AV) system integration, utilized advanced technology from Epson and Revolabs. They designed a user-centric AV system featuring robust, reliable audio and video connectivity. Alongside this, AV Planners provided comprehensive onsite training at Hanmi Bank's headquarters, ensuring that employees could make the most out of the new system with ease.

Today, AV Planners remains a trusted partner to Hanmi Bank, providing continued support and undertaking further boardroom and small conference room integrations, reinforcing their commitment to efficient and user-friendly AV system integration.

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