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Embracing the Office Dog

According to the National Institutes of Health, interacting with animals has been shown to decrease cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower...

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Mount Your Equipment Underneath Your Table Surface

UTB Series Universal TechBox

Logitech® BASE for iPad Pro

Logitech® BASE Your iPad is not just for on the go, give it a place on your desk. Now your iPad pro can be used as an extension of your laptop or...

Why your office desk should be a multi-media battle station.

From a conference room to a team room today’s furniture is much more than just a simple desk, it’s a multi-media center that must be able to handle...

The 9 Worst Cable Disaster Zones!

The 9 Worst Cable Disaster Zones!  (Number 2 is just plain scary!) When your running monitor, audio, computer, Ethernet and a handful (or more) of...

10 Ways to Attract & Retaining a Talented Millennial Workforce

Co-Written by Mia Taapken ?

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Devio is THE collaboration tool for corporate huddle spaces. It brings simple connectivity to all the technology in the room. Powerful features like...

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Collaboration Furniture

Say you need to collaborate in a Huddle space and you want the look and feel of a boardroom but you don’t have the space. AV Teq’s line of...

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5 Modern Office Spaces to Inspire You

Invest in your company culture and you’ll be sure to attract the best employees. The fact is company culture happens whether we like to acknowledge...

5 Reasons: Why It’s Time for you to Upgrade your Office Furniture.

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10,000 Lessons Learned

With literally decades of experience installing television solutions in the healthcare environment, we have seen many things and learned many things. But the one lesson others would most benefit from learning is this: If the TV is not working, it is very unlikely the TV is the problem.

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