executive office
1 June 2023

5 must-have elements for the new and improved executive office space

The executive office suite has changed. It used to be just like another office: closed off, private, ideal for...

AV Planners Headquarters with Craig Heiman
12 January 2022

The Benefits of Working with AV Planners

AV Planners is a full-service audiovisual integration firm specializing in the design, installation and technical...

The Huddle Space
23 April 2020

The Huddle Space

In the midst of COVID-19 quarantining and safer-at-home mandates, companies have had to make a whiplash-quick...

Get Video Conferecing Help
25 March 2020

Get Video Conferecing Help

Our staff at AV Planners are here to help. While the Covid19 outbreak has created a sudden exponential reliance on...

Samsung QLED and OLED Displays
26 December 2019

Samsung QLED and OLED Displays

Samsung is known for its inventions with innovation. After leading the display and mobile phone industry, Samsung...

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