AV Planners 3PL Boardroom Installation
14 June 2022

AV Solutions for the Future of Hybrid Work

After ‘normal’ work was interrupted in 2020, employers had to rethink the model. What would work long-term?...

Video Wall installation
31 May 2022

Check out our Time Lapse 3x3 Video Wall Installation

Whether you are in the market to update your conference room for your next All Hands Meeting, or a large...

23 May 2022

Creating the perfect audio: Microphone selection

How we connect with the people around us is impacted so heavily by how well we understand them. In today’s online...

Security camera installation
18 April 2022

Did You Know That AV Planners Now Provides Security Solutions?

Digital security solutions have become an integral element of crime prevention and safety in recent years. For...

Four Major Signs Your Current AV System is Outdated
30 March 2022

Four Major Signs Your Current AV System is Outdated

Is it time to upgrade your conference room system? Technology is constantly evolving in the business world, and...

Moving Offices? Here's Your Technology Checklist
28 March 2022

Moving Offices? Here's Your Technology Checklist

As business leaders brace for an office downsizing post-COVID-19, this comprehensive office technology relocation...

Programming a Audio Visual installation.
27 January 2022

Customized Programming to Enhance User Experience

Employees are increasingly in and out of the office. Employees want to maximize their in-office work time in the...

Virtual conferencing in the healthcare industry.
24 January 2022

Embracing Technology to Enhance ICU Connectivity

The pandemic has not only driven demand for healthcare workers, but also caused burnout among healthcare...

Employees walking into the office for a long time after being home from Covid.
19 January 2022

Strategies for the Hybrid Workplace

Companies are creating, refining and implementing their hybrid work strategy. Technology professionals, such as...

AV Planners Headquarters with Craig Heiman
12 January 2022

The Benefits of Working with AV Planners

AV Planners is a full-service audiovisual integration firm specializing in the design, installation and technical...

Video conferencing in a hybrid conference room
5 January 2022

Which Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solution is Right for You?

Effective virtual collaboration is critical for success in today’s remote and hybrid work environments. Video...

Boardroom with IP technology integration
14 December 2021

Why is the Future of Audio IP-Based?

IP technology is replacing traditional methods by allowing for higher audio quality, channel counts and allowing...

Hybrid Workspace office
8 December 2021

Step Out of the Zoom Bubble

Hybrid and even fully remote work is now the norm across many industries, and it doesn’t seem likely to change any...

Inside a control room using a video wall.
2 December 2021

Technology Considerations for Control Rooms

Control rooms are the core of many businesses and companies across a wide variety of industries. These centers and...

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