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The Importance of Having a Service Level Agreement

Tips & Inspirations · Craig Heiman · Nov 7, 22


As you upgrade your office space with new technology, you’ll likely find that the number of problems and questions you have grows with the number of changes you make.

That’s where a service-level agreement (SLA) comes into play, particularly when you’re working with a service provider like AV Planners. But what exactly is an SLA, and why should you bother seeking one out?

What Is a Service-Level Agreement (SLA)?

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract or arrangement made between two parties, typically a company and a customer, that outlines which services are expected, how the success of these services will be measured, and what solutions will be implemented should a service fail to perform as agreed upon.

In other words, SLAs help both a service provider and recipient understand what each can expect from the other. 

SLAs may also include information about warranties and how to cancel or remove services.

Numerous fields make use of SLAs, but they are especially useful in situations where larger investments, long-term changes, or continuous work are involved, including implementing new technology into the office to support a hybrid work model. 

When it comes time to bring your organization’s professional space into the future and support hybrid and tech-based work, an SLA can save both you and your service provider a lot of confusion and headaches. 

Why Do I Need an SLA?

One of the best things about an SLA is that it brings together lots of information into one easy-to-read place that can be referenced by just about anyone. 

SLAs keep service providers accountable for their promises and make it simple to figure out what options are available to you in terms of repair or maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look:

Clear, Defined Expectations

An SLA should describe all of the key details you need to know before doing business with a service provider, including what kinds of services you’ll receive, what level of support you expect, and what you can do if things go south.

Both sides have a clear picture of the requirements that go into a project with the help of an SLA. 

Should there be an issue or point of contention, both sides have the same expectations to fall back on – there are no surprises and no opportunities to deliver less than what has been discussed.

At AV Planners, we offer SLAs designed to protect the longevity and quality of your audio-visual solutions with the help of things like routine maintenance, equipment warranties, and quick access to repair technicians. 

Our Annual Support Package provides all the support you’ll need to keep your tech functioning at its best so your work is never inhibited by a lack of solutions.

Regular Maintenance & Upkeep

With tech solutions, sometimes running into performance errors, encountering broken or malfunctioning devices, and software or firmware updates can hurt the long-term success of your investment.

An SLA can help you avoid a loss of your time (and money!) by providing specific solutions to issues that may arise. 

Our SLAs make it clear that we are available on demand with remote support. By logging into the system, we’re often able to diagnose and fix the problem. And if the issue persists, we are able to dispatch a technician.

We also include preventative maintenance services quarterly or annually to identify future concerns before they arise. 

Security & Peace of Mind

An SLA takes the burden of responsibility off the shoulders of your firm or organization when it comes to noticing problems, finding solutions, and handling technical aspects of your services (like installation). 

Because it so explicitly describes what you can expect from a provider, an SLA means that ensuring that they follow through doesn’t need to be an area of concern. You can rest assured that you have options if you have a question, issue, or area that needs to be readdressed. 

That’s a huge perk in a professional world that’s increasingly dominated (and complicated) by technology. 

In fact, one survey conducted by Robert Half Technology found that employees lose an average of two weeks of work time each year just from dealing with IT and tech issues.

The benefits of knowing what to do when things go wrong, preventing problems before they interrupt your day, and knowing what to expect from your tech are just as priceless as the time you might otherwise sacrifice. 

Let us help you customize an SLA that works for your needs

We at AV Planners understand the vitality of an SLA and are equipped not just to provide the solutions you need but also the support to keep them functioning at their best. 

Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do to formulate a plan that meets your organization’s needs, no matter how large or small they may be.

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