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After ‘normal’ work was interrupted in 2020, employers had to rethink the model. What would work long-term? Shutdown, remote, or reopening?

Many pandemic predictions were wrong – like the ‘she-cession’ and housing market flatlines that never happened, but AV Planner’s pitch for hybrid work was spot-on. Discover how new hybrid work trends have changed offices for the better:

Faster Growth

Benefit: According to Accenture’s 2021 report, 63% of high-growth companies have developed hybrid work models with technology that empowers productivity anytime, anywhere. Slack also reported that organizations with flexible schedules were nearly 2x more productive than 9 to 5 teams.

Bring it: AV solutions make it easier to mix up teams, embrace creativity, and pursue innovation. Built-in microphones and cloud-based sharing systems ensure that good ideas don’t get lost in the shuffle. With hybrid work, you can focus on outcomes, not output.

Lower Costs

Benefit: Reduced office space, utilities, and supplies add up. Plus, hybrid work has been shown to reduce absenteeism and turnover.

A report by Global Workplace Analytics estimates that the switch to hybrid collaboration can save up to $11,000 per employee per year. Similarly, Stanford Business reported that China’s largest travel agency made $2,000 more in profit for every hybrid employee working at home.

Bring it: Maximize your Zoom Room and audio-visual equipment with flexible, integrated systems. Touchless technology is a powerful way to streamline setup and support BYOD (bring your own device) workspaces.

Increased Equity

Benefit: Even back in 2018, Zoom understood the power of video. 82% of survey participants feel a greater sense of trust with video and, as a result, more accountability. Plus, new voice lift technology and amplifiers can help prevent male voices from speaking over female colleagues.

Bring it: Spacious video conferencing screens and acoustic panels have a powerful impact on collaboration. An audio-visual consultant can design clear audio systems and intuitive controls that work anywhere in the room.

Better Work-Life Balance

Benefit: Hybrid meetings have sparked a shift in expectations and busted a few myths. Some working women and parents have shared their stories about how added flexibility is the key to healthier families.

Bring it: Book a Zoom Room or Teams Room, log on and interact in real-time. Online appointments and video conferencing make it easy to connect, even when schedules are uncertain.

Happier Teams

Benefit: 83% of workers surveyed by Accenture prefer a hybrid work model. Why? Improved work-life balance, less stress, and fewer commutes. Slack hosted a similar study and found that 72% of workers prefer hybrid models that blend home and office.

Bring it: Audio-visual solutions should be based on real user habits and preferences – not just best practices. AV Planners helps hybrid offices design video conferencing spaces that employees want to be part of.

Over the past two and a half years, employers and analysts have been scrambling to stay ahead of changing work trends. It’s time to find the right partner and set up for the future.

AV Planners has the vision, know-how, and people-centered intuition to design hybrid workspaces that really work.

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