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The Cost Effective and Easy to Use Devio SCR 25 by Biamp

Everything seems to be wireless these days. What happened to all the wires? You walk down the street and see people talking to themselves. More often...

The Crestron Mercury - Multi Award-Winning AV and VC Solution

What a Year! It has been just over a year since the release of the Crestron Mercury. Since then, it has become one of the 'must-have' pieces of...

The Zoom Room Phenomenon

In the past, group video conferencing was reserved for the boardroom, using expensive on-premises hardware. These onsite, hardware-based, video...

The MUST-HAVE Panoramic Video Camera for Meetings

"What kind of camera are you using?" When it’s the world’s first panoramic-4K plug-and-play USB Video camera, you hear a lot of that, just ask Frank...

Crestron Mercury - All-In-One Solution

Crestron Mercury THE ALL-IN-ONE For small huddle spaces or executive offices where one-on-one video conferencing is a daily occurrence, we’ve been...

The 'joys' of working from home - BBC Viral Video Conferencing Blooper

So this happened on LIVE tv this morning! For those that work from home, you can understand the struggles when home life slips into work life. Watch...

Video Conferencing round the--Thanksgiving table?!?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could videoconference our thanksgiving dinner? We’d save time and money avoiding travel, we could wear shorts and flip...

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When Audio Fails.


Planar PCT2235 -- 22" Touch Screen Monitor

Planar PCT2235 -- 22" Touch Screen Monitor Our handheld devices have moved toward the more intuitive full touch screen interaction, it’s no surprise...

Eiki Impresses With Two Game Changing Conference Room Projectors

Co-Written by Mia Taapken

Why Hotel Meeting Spaces Are No Longer Just Ballrooms

The times are changing and it’s not just in the office, the idea of what a meeting space should be has now exceeded whatever expectations we had in...

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5 Modern Office Spaces to Inspire You

Invest in your company culture and you’ll be sure to attract the best employees. The fact is company culture happens whether we like to acknowledge...

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AV Planners Top Picks at Infocomm International

Skype for Business set to take over the Conference Room

Skype for Business set to take over the Conference Room

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