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Control Meeting Rooms From Your Mobile Device With Crestron ONE

More than 69%, or two-thirds, of working professionals’ offices have now reopened (or were never closed in the first place), according to a new...

The Cost Effective and Easy to Use Devio SCR 25 by Biamp

How Herman Miller’s innovative office design led to the dreaded

There are all sorts of innovators and all sorts of changes that have impacted office and workplace situations throughout the years. Automation,...

The 'joys' of working from home - BBC Viral Video Conferencing Blooper

So this happened on LIVE tv this morning!

Bringing IT and AV Together

Bringing IT and AV together - The standard technology you might already have that holds the solution to your audio & video networking woes.

The smaller, smarter huddle space by Crestron

Just because it’s a smaller space, doesn’t mean it can’t be a smarter space. Take a look inside the fully equipped Crestron huddle room.

When Audio Fails.


Planar PCT2235 -- 22" Touch Screen Monitor

Planar PCT2235 -- 22" Touch Screen Monitor Our handheld devices have moved toward the more intuitive full touch screen interaction, it’s no...

Why Hotel Meeting Spaces Are No Longer Just Ballrooms

The times are changing and it’s not just in the office, the idea of what a meeting space should be has now exceeded whatever expectations we had...

Would You Prefer a Cart or Wall Solutions for your Microsoft Surface

Still deciding on a cart or wall solutions for your Microsoft Surface Hub?

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10,000 Lessons Learned

With literally decades of experience installing television solutions in the healthcare environment, we have seen many things and learned many things. But the one lesson others would most benefit from learning is this: If the TV is not working, it is very unlikely the TV is the problem.

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