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Employees walking into the office for a long time after being home from Covid.

Strategies for the Hybrid Workplace

Companies are creating, refining and implementing their hybrid work strategy. Technology professionals, such as chief information officers (CIOs),...

The Importance of Collaboration Equity in Hybrid Workspaces: Cameras

As hybrid meetings and conferences have become more common, certain limitations have inevitably arisen regarding creating seamless interaction...

Establishing Innovative Collaboration Environments Outdoors

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities that routinely took place indoors have had to undergo a rethink. If not canceled...

New Technology for the Future Workplace

This blog is the first of a series of blogs focused on the future of workplace technology. Many employees are returning to work, and some are opting...

The AV Planners Difference

Technology is designed to connect people and experiences to drive digital innovation. It should empower a human connection to unite one another and...

Maximize Meeting Efficiency with Cloud-Based Workflow Technology

Many employees are struggling with the transition to working from home. It's not practical to assume people can jump on a meeting every time...

The Future of Workplaces is Hybrid

Employees around the world have settled into the rhythms of remote work. The response to COVID-19 had caused companies to develop temporary...

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10,000 Lessons Learned

With literally decades of experience installing television solutions in the healthcare environment, we have seen many things and learned many things. But the one lesson others would most benefit from learning is this: If the TV is not working, it is very unlikely the TV is the problem.

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