Updating Hybrid Meeting Spaces with an AV Installation Company

IMG_2704 (2)IEEE, or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is a professional association for electrical engineering. In fact, they call themselves “the professional home for the engineering and technology community worldwide.”

Members of the IEEE can join and create societies and gain access to a community of other engineers in their field. The association also hosts events and conferences, funds and publishes professional studies, forms niche technical societies and councils, and manages standards for electrical and technical engineering excellence.

As you can imagine, the technical quality of their office was paramount for communication and collaboration, especially due to them having various locations and partners.

As a business also accommodating hybrid work, IEEE recognized that it was time to upgrade its office. At AV Planners, your top-tier AV installation company, we stress that so much has changed in recent years about how we work that our offices need to elevate to meet those changes.

IEEE recognized the importance of having the highest level of collaboration technology. So they came to us.

The Problem

IEEE's main meeting room had been pieced together over the years bit by bit. As a result, it needed to support effective meetings with its business partners and other locations.

This is a common problem: as they evolve, many businesses may add certain features to their meeting rooms as they become necessary. But in those cases, there is often no effort to make the space cohesive so that everything works together intuitively. This leads to problems for the users as well as technological issues.

The Goal

IEEE, like many businesses, is accommodating hybrid work. As a result, they wanted to have excellent audio and video for their hybrid meetings.

They knew that with high-quality audio and video, they could host events and meetings with engineers and organizers regardless of their physical location. 

The Solution

After getting to know the people of IEEE and their goals, we knew exactly what steps to take to give them the required office upgrade. 

We took the following steps to create a genuinely first-rate meeting room:

  1. Replaced IEEE’s existing system with all new equipment. The new office ecosystem was centered around the Q-SYS collaboration experience. Check out the video below to see what a fully refurbished Q-SYS meeting room can look like.
  2. Added 16 Shure MXW wireless microphones that can pick up on everyone’s voice, regardless of where they are sitting. A holistic microphone system like this ensures meeting equity when everyone in the meeting feels they have the chance to participate equally and be heard.
  3. Installed two Q-SYS PTZ cameras. Meeting room cameras like these offer crystal-clear video. When meeting virtually, few things are more impressive than high video quality.
  4. Utilized six ceiling speakers. Putting speakers on the ceiling ensures that regardless of where someone is sitting in a meeting, they can hear the message perfectly, allowing for superb acoustics.
  5. Ensured the IEEE conference room was updated to a brighter, higher resolution projector that could support sharing the most detailed technical content.
  6. Connected all this new technology to work well together using a Q-SYS processor, which unifies and controls all the equipment in one place.

Due to these upgrades, anyone giving a presentation at IEEE simply must plug in their laptop, and they can host productive expert meetings.

How Our AV Installation Company Can Help You

As your expert AV installation company, AV Planners upgrade your office’s audio-visual equipment and layout so that you can have the most up-to-date, pleasant, and productive work experience possible.

We create integrative spaces with wonderful acoustics and intuitive design that allow features like voice commands, lighting changes, video walls, and clear images. These rooms are ideal for fostering focused meetings among coworkers or partners, and if impressing clients or potential clients is your goal, then they also certainly do the trick.

We also offer regular maintenance and upkeep as necessary, meaning that if you run into technical difficulties, our experts are on call to help you get everything straightened out. The details are laid out in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Have you had the same realization as IEEE: that your office is overdue for an upgrade? Contact our team for a no-pressure call where we can talk about your business’s needs and interests. We can also explain what an upgrade might look like for you and how we could make it happen.

For audio-visual solutions, AV Planners can bring your office to another level.

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