QSC, one of our Premier Vendor Partners here at AV Planners, has worked ruthlessly to develop the cutting-edge, interactive technology the modern workspace uses to thrive.

The Q-SYS Collaboration Experience

The video below breaks down each of the highlights of the state-of-the-art conference room solutions this new experience features, including:

  • Multi-screen, multi-camera video displays
  • A customizable touchscreen control interface that supports multi-room control
  • Elevated Q-SYS loudspeakers and microphones
  • Third-party environmental control features
  • UC platform integration
  • And much, much more!

The Q-SYS collaboration experience will allow your team to collaborate more effectively thanks to its iinnovative features, customizability, and ability to construct an immersive environment.

To keep up with other high-growth companies, 63% of which have adopted a hybrid-based work model, it’s vital that you have the tools you need to succeed.

Key Features of the Q-SYS Collaboration Experience

Q-SYS has demonstrated the perks of its new line of Collaboration tools in this ten-minute video. 

This interactive presentation, created within a fully-engineered Q-SYS conference room, highlights the technology's strengths and relevance to our modern workspace.

In today’s technologically-savvy, post-pandemic professional world, the importance of supporting hybrid work models is steadily rising.

In fact, a recent Gallup poll suggests that a whopping 59% of U.S. employees prefer a hybrid work style over working fully remotely or fully in-person. 

Similarly, a report by McKinsey & Company discovered that, when given the opportunity to work flexibly, 87% of Americans will take it.

As more and more of our workforce grows to not just prefer, but expect hybrid or flexible collaboration options, the solutions showcased by Q-SYS are essential.

From controlling the occupancy sensors to managing lighting, audio, and video displays, it’s simple to implement the changes you need to create your ideal space with Q-SYS.

How to Achieve the Ultimate Collaboration Space with Q-SYS

What exactly do the Q-SYS collaboration tools offer in terms of building up a workspace that’s as seamless and immersive as possible? 

Each of this system’s features plays an important role in ensuring that all the media, resources, and collaboration options you’ll need are accessible, including:

  • Efficient Room Automation: Q-SYS allows for each room connected to the system to automatically and seamlessly configure the space. Each room can be configured for room occupancy, environment, and relevant applications. It’s also possible to adjust your space's lighting, microphones, speakers, and displays effortlessly to keep your team engaged and in touch.

  • Accessible Technology for Connecting People: The Q-SYS OS-Core Processor can be used even with a small format Core Nano computer, which means that these tools are accessible enough to bring together workers of all types and backgrounds.

  • Straightforward Audio and Video Control: The Q-SYS NL series speakers and tabletop, Q-SYS NM beam-forming microphones, and IP base camera shown off in the video can be manually switched with a touch screen or even automatically configured depending on the room environment. Plus, Q-SYS is UC-Certified for audio-video control solutions for Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Scalable Work Solutions: Q-SYS is not a point-to-point hardware system. What sets QY-SIS apart is that it's a software solution that can run on a network so your device can connect to any one of the QY-SYS NV series. This allows you to equip and engage with any room you’d like! 

As a bonus, QS-SYS enterprise management enables your facility and IT staff to be able to detect any issues with the AV system in real-time. 

Create Your Perfect Collaboration Space with AV Planners

At AV Planners, we partner with those creating the best communication solutions out there, including QSC. We can offer our clients cutting-edge technology to allow for the most advanced collaboration within their organization. 

Whether you’re looking to overhaul an existing set-up or build one from the ground up, we’ve got the expertise, innovation, and resources you need to set your space apart from the rest.

Contact us today to find out more information and learn how we can revolutionize your hybrid work experience!

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