Benefits of Upgrading Your Office Acoustics

By Craig Heiman November 2, 2022 Audio Solution acoustics

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The acoustics in your office are often overlooked, but they can be one of the most critical factors in keeping your business more efficient in a constantly changing workspace. 

How many times have you tried to hold a meeting with a client or with other people in the office and have quickly grown frustrated with the inability to hear someone or someone’s inability to hear you? 

Many know that a microphone that doesn’t want to cooperate can be like a stick between the spokes of your bicycle- it makes it impossible for things to move forward smoothly.

Below, we’ll go over some of the unexpected benefits that you will notice once the office acoustics are upgraded.

Increase Collaboration Equity

Collaboration equity is when all people in a meeting, whether they are present or remote, feel that their opinions, words, and thoughts are equally heard and considered. As you can imagine, just one person with a poor microphone or sound quality can affect the meeting’s collaboration equity considerably.

Consider that 79% of organizations consider a sense of belonging to be “essential for their success.” It’s hard to create a sense of belonging when some people can’t properly hear the company meetings because the board room has out-of-date microphones and acoustics.

In this article, we go through the technology that you will need to improve the acoustics in your hybrid meeting room. 

An upgrade is likely to include things like sound panels on the walls and sound clouds on the ceiling to absorb reverb, soundbar or ceiling microphones to pick up sounds from everyone in the room, and improvements to the room’s ventilation.

Better Accommodate Hybrid Work

74% of U.S. companies are planning to implement a permanent hybrid work model. 

Even if you aren’t in that 74%, you still might have employees and clients checking in remotely. The reality is that video calls are now a permanent installation in corporate culture, and the offices that have the best accommodations for video calls are the ones that will have a leg up.

Better acoustics and better microphones make a huge difference for companies doing hybrid work. Good acoustics ensure that everyone involved in each meeting, present or remote, can hear and speak freely.

Impress Clients with your Meeting Room

If you frequently take calls with clients and potential clients in your hybrid working space, then your acoustics become all the more important. Clients want to feel that, even if they aren’t physically present, they will be heard and understood.

If a potential client is choosing between going with you or another company, they aren’t likely to choose the business that has poor acoustics, weak microphones, and technical difficulties.

Ensure Productivity in Meetings

Good acoustics means shorter, more efficient meetings. You want your acoustics and meeting room technology to hold up not only when you have an important client meeting but even during a quick impromptu meeting between internal employees.

With good acoustics, you don’t waste any time having to repeat yourself or fiddling with any equipment. All your time and attention can be dedicated to each other and to making the meeting more productive.

Upgrade your Office Acoustics with AV Planners

At AV Planners, we are experts in making your office as up-to-date as possible. With better acoustics, better audio, and better visuals, your office can accommodate the current work environment and make the user experience for all office members significantly better!

Check out our reviews on Google to learn more about the services we can offer to our clients, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation if you want to know what an office upgrade would look like for your needs. 


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