The Importance of Collaboration Equity in Hybrid Workspaces: Audio and Acoustics

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Equal access to good sound is a key component that can be overlooked when considering collaboration equity in the hybrid workplace. Ensuring that everyone can hear clearly regardless of where they are seated in a room, or even attending remotely, allows attendees an equal opportunity to participate in meeting conversations. When participants hear what’s going on and feel they are being understood, they are more likely to open up. This increases the efficacy of meetings. There are many ways to improve audio within office spaces, from built-in speaker systems and microphones to sound-absorbing walls. 

Offices with high noise levels, such as schools, corporate offices, healthcare facilities and hospitality spaces, can really benefit from an evaluation of their audio and acoustic systems in an effort to deliver the best possible sound. Even for remote participants, external noises such as pets, traffic and children can affect how effectively they participate in meetings. Voice lift technology can minimize audible distractions, amplify those speaking during meetings and distribute the sound equally across a space. Through the use of ceiling microphones, signal processors and amplifiers, voice lift technology picks up on and amplifies each speaker’s voice slightly so that everyone can hear it clearly. The sound difference is barely noticeable but it makes a big difference, especially in a hybrid environment.

Room acoustics depend on a room’s shape, its existing acoustic paneling, furniture and placement, the ceiling height, construction materials and even the presence of plants. Each room is different, requiring its own unique approach to noise control. Noise control solutions such as fabric panels, barrier systems and soundproof windows can match your office space while providing optimal audio and acoustics. There are also sound-masking systems for spaces where speech privacy and workplace productivity are important.
Collaboration Equity Introduction
The quality of a room’s audio technology, such as microphones and speakers, plays a vital role in the user’s experience, and having good acoustic components will ensure you get the most out of the technology. 

Good audio and acoustics hold hybrid meeting spaces together and connect users regardless of their location. It’s worth updating your system with a view to improving sound within hybrid meetings by eliminating external distractions and allowing attendees to participate seamlessly with each other. AV Planners can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to update your audio and acoustics systems to elevate your hybrid workspace. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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