Local AV Companies: The List for Best Tech for Hybrid Offices in 2023

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Hybrid offices will only continue to become more widespread in the business world. The companies that can keep up with these trends will benefit from their investments, and the businesses that fail to incorporate the latest hybrid work trends may find themselves struggling to keep up. For that reason, we’ve compiled some of the must-have technology for hybrid offices this year.

Read more about your list of the best tech for hybrid offices from experts at local AV companies near you. 

Local AV Companies Top Tech for Hybrid Offices


Collaboration Software

You may already be using collaboration software, but as more and more startups and businesses scramble to keep up with the upward trend in hybrid work, there are more options now than in 2020. The following are some collaboration platforms for this year, some of which you already may have heard of and others that you might want to look into for the first time.

For the following software, we’ve prioritized recommending equally convenient programs for remote and physically present teams.

The Classics: Microsoft Teams and Slack

Some people think that Microsoft Teams is the best collaboration software, citing that the platform constantly incorporates updates. It was one of the first platforms to include meetings, task assignments, email, and more, all in the same place. However, it runs into a similar issue that many Microsoft products run into: it isn’t always user-friendly. The design is often straightforward and feels more professional and cold than some of its competitors. 

That may be part of what made Slack popular compared to Microsoft Teams. Slack allows a lot more customization, which might make it better for small businesses or businesses that are rapidly changing and need software that can grow with them. Slack is generally more colorful and a bit more informal, which might match the culture of your business better, depending on what you’re looking for.


Trello might be useful for organizing and delegating tasks, but it doesn’t have the same capacity for setting up group meetings. But you can expand on Trello by integrating it with Google Drive or Slack.


If you haven’t used it yet, you may be surprised to learn that Basecamp is some of the oldest team collaboration software available. For that reason, they have been able to perfect the process over the years and create a tried and true work organization model that can be useful for all types of businesses. 


Podio is another software that is great for organizing workflows. Last year, Podio was known for being exceptionally dependable, hardly ever crashing. So if you, for example, work with confidential information, then Podio may be the best choice.

These programs are likely to be some of the most popular and successful in 2023, based, among other factors, on the success and growth they saw in 2022.

Collaboration Hardware 

The ability to efficiently finish projects with present and remote employees won’t just depend on the collaboration programs you use and the tech quality you include in your offices. For example, you should look into having up-to-date microphones, acoustics, cameras, and more. Here is some tech to include in your 2023 office upgrade that can make a massive difference. 

Video Walls

Do you run into difficulties when collaborating with other branches of your business? Do you have trouble wooing clients when they can’t be present physically? Do you deal with meeting inequity when trying to collaborate with remote employees and coworkers?

These are all problems that can be helped by a video wall. Depending on your space, you can get creative with your video wall and how you use it. But once properly installed, you’ll find that video walls create an immersive experience and can completely change your office environment.

Create a Collaboration Room

Make the most out of the software mentioned above by creating an integrative meeting space where you can have hybrid meetings. 

A collaboration room can include touch screens, customized lighting, an automatic room scheduler, and elevated microphones and speakers. A room like this will not only make employees want to come back to the office but also make them feel included and heard even when they check into meetings remotely.

A collaboration room can work in tandem with your collaboration software so that projects and meetings move seemly through to successful completion. 

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