It’s Time to Bring the Huddle Space Back Again

By Craig Heiman October 13, 2022 Huddle Spaces News

Group of business people celebrating by throwing their business papers in the airFor many, the classic huddle space has fallen out of favor.

In the wake of the pandemic, employers and workers alike attempted to avoid the tight, enclosed spaces that a “huddle space” brainstorm would require.

However, as the world begins to shift back to normal, many organizations (even Tesla!) find that their physical workspace isn’t equipped to handle the more dynamic and tech-based work that’s now become necessary. This is especially true for spaces that are intended for open collaboration and brainstorming.

That’s where the huddle space comes in.

Why (Re)Invest in a Huddle Space?

Huddle spaces are unique in their ability to allow close collaboration between employees: whether it be to host a small group discussion, brainstorming session, or impromptu meeting, a huddle space can easily be adapted to fit your needs.

Employees who participate in collaboration can experience a boost in both their morale and productivity, especially now that hybrid work has become the norm.

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A huddle space provides a unique opportunity to help your employees feel supported and confident in their workspace.

Studies show that small-group discussion and collaboration help people learn more effectively and feel more satisfied with their progress. An updated, technology-based huddle space can provide exactly that opportunity.

Top 4 Tips to Refresh & Refine a Huddle Space

Below are our top tips for upgrading or creating an effective, health-conscious, and productive huddle space setting.

  1.  Make use of digital signage

    Digital signage can easily and effectively display information to your employees, your organization’s clients, and more.
    Because digital signage can be easily controlled by modern technology, they can be great tools for facilitating communication, including messages, videos, presentations, etc.

  2.  Host hybrid meetings and multimedia content with video walls

    Creating a huddle space with video walls for presentations, hybrid meetings, etc. is one of the easiest ways to give your office a boost.

    A video wall, like a Planar video wall, makes it easy for workers both in the office and remote to clearly see work material and themselves.

    The level of flexibility that video walls offer is a huge plus. Participants can engage in meetings without having to physically be there, can make use of more interactive content, and can involve others as work tasks are planned and completed.

  3. Give your acoustics a boost

    It goes without saying that ensuring people can hear what their co-workers are saying at a reasonable volume is vital. The difference between acceptable and subpar audio tools can be massive.

    Investing in upgraded acoustics can help you create a fully-immersive huddle space that promotes productivity and focus.

    This can be done in several ways, such as installing sound-dampening panels mounted on the ceiling. These panels will absorb sound and keep reverberation and echoes to a minimum.

    An additional way to achieve this result is to upgrade the speakers with enhanced sound insulation, which will ensure that the sound is heard throughout the room.

  4. Don’t skip out on speakers and microphones

    Input and output are both important to consider when upgrading your audio; after all, a sound’s quality can only be as strong as the devices that store it.

    In addition to producing audio that is crisp, clear, and loud enough for everyone to hear, high-quality microphones and speakers add another opportunity for engagement and participation.

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Ideal audio solutions are also versatile and adjustable enough to fit the needs of your workspace and its employees.

What Will Your Huddle Space Look Like?

Remote and tech-based work is no longer a choice, but a necessity. But that doesn’t mean that workplace staples like huddle spaces don’t still serve a very important purpose- it just means we need to update them properly.

At AV Planners, we understand that welcoming, accommodating, and engaging both in-person and remote workers is invaluable.

Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we can introduce to your huddle space and maximize its potential.

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