planar-video-wallsFor most companies, a video wall installation is a significant investment. Thus, why spend the extra bucks when you could simply use a front projector, a large display or a set of monitors?

It’s important to comprehend that a video wall is an integrated solution - and range of high-resolution displays powered by a powerful computing and processing system known as a video wall controller. So, although a video wall acts as a single display, innovation & technology behind the system is far more powerful and complex. A comprehensive video wall system can deliver performance, interactivity, and flexibility that is hard to accomplish with basic solutions.

Let’s take a quick glance at how video walls can benefit your business and how Planar’s video wall solutions drive the most comprehensive benefits.

Planar LCD Video Walls

No doubt, visual performance is the most important factor in a video wall display. Fortunately, LCD offers some of the utmost total resolutions of all the available technologies on the market.  Thanks to the high pixel density (vibrant detailed image) accomplished from LCD video wall solutions.

In addition to that, LCD video walls offer an array of resolutions, sizes, and technologies. With flexible mounting, slim installation depts., and narrow bezels, Planar’s LCD wall series make them perfect for any application or environment.

Planar LED Video Walls

One of the hottest trends in the display industry these days is direct view LED video wall technology. The direct view LED displays can be designed without bezels, so they deliver a truly seamless representation. Spanning together results in no more visible edge blending between the screens, making powerful imagery. That’s why they are a well-known solution for digital signage and large venues such as sports stadiums. Although LED displays are as reliable as LCD ones, LED technology are far more energy-efficient lighting solutions available on the market. In addition to that, these displays deliver superior color accuracy.

With scaelable sizes, shapes and seamless image delivery, Planar’s LED video walls solutions deliver implausible looking content from every angle. This LED series can be further optimized to fulfill the exact requirements of your space  - pixel pitch, viewing distance, etc. Planer is a leader LED wall solutions. They offer a wide arrange of LED display solutions from high-resolution indoor video walls to outdoor video walls.

Whether it’s about LCD video walls or direct view LED video walls, they have their uses. However, they are configured and optimized for certain settings and applications. Before settling and investing in a particular video wall solution, it’s important to ensure that it fits your organization's requirements. Believe it or not….the best way to accomplish that is to consult an AV integrator who can access your particular situation and offer the ideal solution.

Luckily, you have landed in the right place as you have found the professional AV Installer - AV Planners. Being an authorized re-seller of Planar Video Walls, we are always here to assist you with designing, installing and servicing the Planar Video Wall solution that meets your specific needs.

It is no surprise to see that the Planar designs create exceptional backdrops or attention-grabbing focal points in any kind of environment.

Why Use AV Planners for Installation of Your Video Walls?

AV Planners and Planar Video Wall get your business out and in front of your potential audience. Let’s give a look at the reasons to choose AV planners -

  • We have the right expertise and proficiency to design your video wall solution down to the precise dimensions and height you truly need.
  • Our experts consider easy of the resolution, viewing and several other elements from every inch of your venue, restaurant and conference room.
  • AV Planners will customize your video wall solution that suits your environment and style.
  • From a simple service call to a custom service level agreement, we guarantee to help you whenever you need us.

How do AV Planners work?

AV Planners offers the most comprehensive process to determine the best video wall solution for your sports venue, restaurant, office boardroom, lobby area or any place where you need an extremely vibrant large display.

  • Analysis - Our certified team and professionals will offer a comprehensive analysis for your facility or building to get the work started in the right direction.
  • Design - After analysis, we design your video wall system with utmost attention to detail, and helping you to understand how your system will be designed and implemented.
  • Install - Once approved, we begin our project management, engineering, and comprehensive installation process.
  • Training and Support - After the completion of your project, we will love to offer you both training & support to address your doubts and queries.

AV Planners are known as the most professional AV installation as they always use the top-notch video solutions to implement a video wall system that meets your special requirements. We will take the time to become familiar with your environment and design the solution compatible with your requirements. We strive to offer solutions that help you to captivate your potential customers for years to come. Our experts have the experience required for any video wall design and installation.

One thing is certain at AV Planners - we use our experience and knowledge to turn your video wall dream into reality.

AV Planners provides tailored solutions to each customer. If you’re looking for a video wall solution using Planar displays for luminous clear viewing, we got you. We can design and install a video wall solution for you, no matter how challenging.

Get in touch with AV Planners today to get a detailed proposal for your video wall project.

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