5 Ways Tesla Could Have Avoided Their Return-to-Office Mess


It’s been three months since Tesla decided to return to their in-person offices, and apparently, Elon told his employees that they had to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in the office.

However, despite these strict expectations, Tesla offices still do not have the resources to accommodate the return to the workplace. This has caused a subsequent dip in morale, especially among workers who were previously remote.

This lack of preparedness on Tesla’s part can have tangible consequences. Many Tesla employees, for instance, report a lack of conference rooms and so much overcrowding that they are sometimes forced to take calls outside.

It sounds to us like there are a few upgrades that Tesla could have made (or could still make) to facilitate this back-to-the-office switch. 

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Here are five ways that Tesla can upgrade their office space and thus improve morale and productivity among all employees, whether in-person or hybrid.

1. Improve Meeting Spaces

An ideal meeting space should be designed not just to maximize productivity but also communication. 

As a result, a great way for companies like Tesla to take their conference rooms and the business that’s conducted within them to the next level is with accessible tech solutions that facilitate effective communication between workers. 

There are lots of ways to check this box. High-quality audio equipment and interactive resources transform an inefficient space into one that’s genuinely enjoyable to collaborate in.

Even simple things like installing acoustic panels on the walls and sound clouds in the ceilings can make a huge difference in being able to hear and understand everyone in the meeting. Additionally, sound bar microphones can pick up audio input from all participants in a room regardless of where they’re sitting.

Likewise, visual tools like digital whiteboards can be used to share ideas and brainstorm with employees who are working remotely.

2. Install Automatic Room Schedulers

In order to avoid overcrowding and ensure that all employees have access to meeting rooms, Tesla should consider ways to utilize automatic room schedulers.

 These schedulers can be used to book meeting rooms in advance and send reminders to employees when their meeting is about to start. 

 Such a system can help keep meetings organized and on track while also freeing up meeting rooms for other employees to use, which limits stress and boosts morale. 

3. Sound Masking for Security

As briefly mentioned, a major issue that Tesla employees have been facing is the lack of privacy that comes from taking calls outside of the workplace. 

 In order to mitigate this, Tesla should consider ways to incorporate sound masking into their office. 

 Whether it be sensitive information or not, giving employees the space they need to conduct their business conveys a level of respect and flexibility that is necessary in today’s professional world.

4. Utilize Video Walls for Bigger Meetings

Large meetings, especially hybrid meetings, require solutions that can handle the scale of their demands. 

 Video walls, for instance, make it easy to centralize meeting information and keep all participants engaged. They can also be used to host video conferences with employees who are working remotely. 

Not only are they practical, video walls are engaging and interactive. Keeping everyone interested in their work can be seriously beneficial for overall employee satisfaction and even productivity. 

5. Upgrade Outdoor Spaces to be Used as Work Spaces

Another thing Tesla should consider is upgrading their outdoor spaces to be more conducive to working. Quick and easy fixes like adding furniture, shade structures, and power outlets is often all it takes to create a unique working environment that is still functional. 

Outdoor spaces make it easier for employees to socialize and take breaks from work (with the added bonus of not having to worry about spreading germs). 

And, with so much overcrowding happening in the Tesla offices, updating outdoor spaces may alleviate some of the burden that employees are currently facing.

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Bring Your Workspace Into the Future (Unlike Tesla!)

When it comes to returning to the office, it doesn’t take an expert to see that Tesla isn’t doing what they could to keep employees engaged and support their work. 

However, with things like better meeting spaces, automatic room schedulers, sound masking, outdoor work spaces, and video walls, at their disposal, companies like Tesla can remedy their existing problems and set themselves up for success in the future

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Photo source: By Steve Jurvetson - https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/18659265152/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40974345

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