How to Create an Inspiring Office Space with Local AV Companies

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With more people returning to the office daily, the office space's quality is of tremendous importance. Not to mention, when the office is more inspiring, productivity goes up along with enjoyment. Something about a fresh, open, high-tech office space can get those creative juices flowing, and those hours in the office subsequently improve. Studies estimate that a well-designed office increases productivity by up to 20%. Keep reading to learn how local AV companies can help you achieve this. 

Are your employees still grinding away under the fluorescent lights? It may be time to upgrade your office to make it more inspiring.

Here are three tips to turn your office into an inspiration hub in the coming year with the assistance of local AV companies.

3 Tips to Create an Inspiring Office


Make it More Open

Utilize the technology in your space to your advantage to open up the whole area. 

For example, with digital signage and monitors, you can portray nature scenes, like films of great redwoods, to create a technologically advanced, relaxing, beautiful environment. You also can display creative designs on those screens so that walking into the office every day feels like walking into a work of art from which you can draw inspiration.

You can also change the lighting to be interactive, on-theme, or to mimic natural light. LED office lights can dim, change color, match your office aesthetic, or even be easily changed with the seasons to create a dynamic and pleasant environment.

Fabric acoustic panels on the walls and sound clouds on the ceilings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve the functional purpose of absorbing reverb and improving the sound quality in the office.

With technology and the help of local AV companies, you can create an office that encourages focus, mental calm, and vibrant thought processes.

Bring in Some Plants

Believe it or not, plants can also help with sound acoustics and the overall office environment.

While incorporating plants into your office may imply more effort, the benefits will outweigh the time you dedicate to them.

The benefits of having more plants in your office include the following:

  • Plants filter the air quality in the office. Plants don't just make the inside of your office smell nicer; they actively make your office air more pure and healthy.
  • One study showed that incorporating natural elements like plants into the office reduces employee absence rates and sick days.
  • Plants absorb and reduce noise levels in the office, leading to less reverb and better acoustics.

Tip: Is your office full of coffee drinkers? Old coffee grounds make great plant fertilizers! Instead of throwing away your used coffee grounds, give them to your plants to fertilize the soil with rich, organic nutrients.

Consider a Video Wall

With a video wall, the possibilities are endless. You can use a video wall to change an environment completely.

You can put anything you want on display, and because the screen is so attention-grabbing and engaging, the images you choose to portray can entirely transform that space.

Plus, with video walls, there are many chances to get creative. Check out Planar's website for a few examples of these epic video walls and video designs. You'll see inspiring designs such as screens on a globe, screens designed like tiles, or videos that wrap around ceilings.

Here are some ideas for how you might use video walls:

  • Hold a meeting where the participants remotely joining are portrayed on the big screen. This can create screen equity, when everyone involved in a meeting, whether physically present or remote, is equally heard and respected during meeting time.
  • Present statistics, graphs, and interactive images during a meeting.
  • Display maps, schedules, or calendars.
  • Present engaging lessons at a school.
  • Create a video wall that expands into the ceiling for designs and imagery that can truly take over a certain space.
  • And much, much, more.

You don't need to do much else by simply installing a video wall. By carefully choosing what you put on the screen, you immediately create a space that can be awe-inspiring, educational, informative or anything you choose.

Local AV companies will be able to provide more helpful information and ideas regarding video walls. 

Talk to Local AV Companies | AV Planners

If you know that a video wall could completely change your business but need help figuring out where to start, get in touch with AV Planners. We take care of audio-visual office upgrades and stay in touch with all our clients in case they need any later help. 

Many offices are still stuck in the past. But our office lives have changed drastically in recent years, and they will continue to do so. With all our habits and ideas around work changing, our physical office spaces sometimes have trouble keeping up. But with AV Planners, we will match your office, place of worship, school, or elsewhere to your current business needs so that old tech and old designs don't slow you down.

For an inspiring office, talk to AV Planners.

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