Benefits of Redoing the Audio Visual System in Your House of Worship

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Many places of worship are finding themselves at a crossroads.

On the one hand, clergy leaders must appeal to their physically present members. Even with hundreds of people attending, they need to know t

hat their audio and image will carry enough to engage everyone.

On the other hand, more and more people are checking into church events remotely, whether because of fear of spreading illness, mobility issues, or, in the case of younger generations, an expectation that they shouldn’t have to attend everything physically at a preordained time anymore. Many places of worship want to reach out to younger people, but they may be at a loss as to how to best go about it.

Updating the place of worship’s audio visual system may solve all these problems.

Ensure Everyone Present Can Hear and Engage

Especially on big days like holidays when people are lined up out the door, it can be difficult for everyone to feel engaged if it is difficult to hear the message.

By incorporating updated microphones and maybe even digital signage, everyone in the building can both hear and see the clergy members. This level of engagement makes it more likely for people to come back to more events because they feel more captivated by the event's message.

Attract Younger Members

Many churches and places of worship ask themselves how to engage new members, specifically younger members, and attract them to their religious services.

Consider that many people in the younger generation are likely to leave their hometown, and many work and go to school remotely. Being able to check into events on-demand and from anywhere has become a staple of life for many younger people. When one becomes accustomed to that lifestyle, it can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to go back to attending events in person at a predesignated time. 

Many younger people may want to attend religious events but might need help to do so. But if they can watch a Livestream from the comfort of their home, or if they can watch a recording of the service later on when they have time, they are far more likely to be interested in the church's messages. Livestreams can also be incredibly useful for families who want to check in remotely to weddings, funerals, or other significant events due to distance, susceptibility to illness, or other factors.

If you've tried to set up a useful Livestream in a place of worship, you may have encountered some design issues. For example, many churches were built with intentional reverb and echo so that people could hear the priest, minister, imam, rabbi, etc., and the music sounded much more magnificent and imposing. That same reverb that was useful when the church was built might make the audio in your Livestream impossible to hear. 

But if the Livestream is very poor quality, it may have a different effect. Ensure that your clergy members have quality microphones, that the acoustics don't allow for too much reverb, and that you have an easy-to-use and effective visual system. By combining these features, young people are much more likely to become interested and active members of your congregation. 

Improved Accessibility for Your More Veterened Members as Well

Updating the audio visual component of your place of worship isn’t just to appeal to younger members. The upgrade will also benefit the senior members of your church who have been coming for years.

Many older people deal with mobility issues and may be at heightened risk of getting sick at larger events. It may be essential to them that they attend these events, but they might need help to do so.

Older people may also have trouble hearing even when they are physically present, or they might want to check in to the service remotely. Still, they might have trouble using the technology necessary to do so. But if you upgrade your audio visual system, you will make it easier for them to hear when they are physically present. By making the Livestream easy to use and understand, you will make it easier for them to watch remotely.

Get in Touch with AV Planners for an Audio Visual System Upgrade

Everyone deserves to hear and understand their religious practices, regardless of distance, age, or disability. By upgrading the audio visual system where you have your services, everyone can listen to and participate equally, and it can also become a massive draw for new members.

For a complete audio-visual upgrade, talk to AV Planners. Our positive reviews on Google speak to the quality and personalization of our services. We have worked with multiple places of worship in the past that recognize the importance of updating their audio and visuals, and we understand the needs and goals of a modern religious institution.

After a brief consultation, we can tell you exactly what an upgrade would look like for you and your religion’s followers.

Reach out to our audio visual system experts at AV Planners today to get started. 

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