Four Major Signs Your Current AV System is Outdated



Four Major Signs Your Current AV System is Outdated


Is it time to upgrade your conference room system? Technology is constantly evolving in the business world, and it is critical to keep your AV solution up to date. Outdated or underperforming technology can have many negative consequences, including low productivity or downtime. Streamlining your system and keeping up with technology can put your business ahead of the competition. 

Whether you are creating or retrofitting a new space, it is important to have an approachable, easy-to-use system. Employees with backgrounds that range from technology, sales, or executive positions should all be able to confidently use the system. The more turnkey your AV system is, the more likely it will be embraced.  Here are a few signs that it's time to upgrade your AV System, as well as a few tips to modernize your collaboration

1. You Can't Hear or See Meeting Participants on Conference Calls

One of the primary sources of frustration in a meeting is not being able to connect with your employees or clients on conference calls. Encountering problems hearing meeting participants can have a negative impact on all parties involved. These situations can create a lack of faith in using your AV system. If thinking about using your current technology causes you to pause, it may be time to consider upgrading the equipment.

Choosing microphone(s), speakers, a display, and a camera are important when considering your collaboration space. Properly placing these pieces of AV equipment can turn good into a great, cooperative workspace. AV Planners works with many of the leading brands, such as Shure, Crestron, and QSC, to help cater the perfect solution for your meeting or conference room.

2. Software Deficiencies are Creating Downtime Issues

Choosing the correct hardware (microphones, speakers, etc.) is the first step to improving your collaboration space. But choosing the right software solution can be what takes it to the next level. AV systems that rely on older software can be susceptible to security and reliability issues. Easier and more reliable software solutions create a better opportunity for the AV space to be embraced.  

Whether it is in-person, virtual, or a hybrid collaboration space, the software that runs the system will make a difference. Connecting your device with a cable, via HDMI or VGA, is no longer necessary. Many modern software solutions offer more innovative solutions, such as wirelessly casting your device.  Consider looking into Microsoft TeamsZoom, and other software choices available to integrate to make in-person and virtual meeting participants more comfortable and ready to participate. 

3. Productivity is Low While Using Your AV System

An easy-to-use, modern AV system is an essential component of many businesses. Walking into a collaboration room and being overwhelmed with cables, inputs, and other options can be an intimidating experience. If employees or outsiders struggle to present materials, it can lead to an unproductive, disjointed meeting. It can also lead to employees not using the meeting space effectively. Designing an intuitive, user-friendly system can eliminate productivity issues.

Integrating room automation technology can help increase the production and use of your AV System. Touch-less technology, such as wireless streaming or scanning QR codes to join meetings, can help boost the use of the room. Implementing touch screen technology, such as a Crestron control screen, can centralize all necessary presentation options into one centralized space. 

4. You Don't Have a Long-Term Strategy for Your AV System

If you have not thought about upgrading your conference equipment in the last few years, you could be potentially stunting the growth of your business and its employees. Whether the meeting is in-person, remote, or a mixture of both, a modern conference room system should produce the same impact on all participants. Creating a plan to modernize your AV technology can help bridge this gap.

As companies evolve a hybrid work model, creating a plan to modernize your business AV technology can produce expected and unexpected results. Employee engagement and innovation can continue to thrive as they utilize the new equipment. This can result in more productive and ultimately profitable experiences for businesses. Consulting a professional  AV  integrator can be extremely beneficial to creating an effective long-term strategy. AV Integrators are qualified professionals that can help implement new or retrofitted AV technology. They also can help with future-proofing your room with support solutions.

Updating Your Outdated AV System

Upgrading your AV System can be an intimidating task for any business. If you believe it's time for conference room equipment upgrades, AV Planners can provide you with the tools and expertise you need for a reliable virtual collaboration experience. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.


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