AV Planning in Los Angeles: Its Role in Recruiting & Retaining Talent

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Recruitment is about putting your best foot forward– showing the talent that you are the greatest option. The people who will bring the most to the table for your company, reliable, qualified, and focused, will likely be considering other businesses. Attract top-notch employees with the best AV planning in Los Angeles.

You have to show them that your company will be the best choice, and it can be hard to do that over a buffering video with a low-quality video image.

That’s why we affirm that the secret to attracting and maintaining talent in the current climate of the corporate world is updating your audio-visual equipment. 

Where people choose to work doesn’t just have to do with the compensation. It also has to do with the quality of technology in the office, the company culture, and how valued they feel by recruiters. 

Given the prevalence of hybrid work and considering how important hybrid work options are to the modern person seeking employment, your audio-visual equipment should be a staple of your recruitment process. Here, we’ll go over what technology that entails and how to implement it into your recruitment process.

How to Start AV Planning in Los Angeles Offices

Use Your Office Tech as a Selling Point

Go ahead and toot your own horn! The technology will speak for itself, but your current employees and recruiters can also point out the difference their technology makes even just in their day-to-day work life.

Remind your Recruits that:

  • Advanced technology means better work-life balance because your productivity increases while you are in the office.

  • Creativity, efficiency, and happiness all suffer when technology isn’t up-to-date.

  • A positive work experience comes from the best technology, a healthy work environment, and effectively communicating even when they aren’t present.

Upgrade your Meeting Space with AV Planning in Los Angeles

Whether inviting recruits into your office or calling them from your meeting room, you can blow them away with an integrated meeting space. 

The meeting space of the future has updated lighting and acoustics. It uses AI to know when you come into the room and how to bring attention to the person speaking. It uses automatic schedulers and voice commands to make meetings dynamic and engaging. 

Take a look at the video below to see what your meeting space could look like. 

Many businesses have updated their meeting spaces to work like the one in the video, and those may be businesses you are competing with for talent.

Planar Video Walls

Video walls in your meeting rooms or other parts of your office create a futuristic and immersive feel that will blow people away. 

By installing a video wall in your office lobby or meeting space, you don’t just stand to impress people who may come to your office in the future, but features like this can also help you maintain talent.

If you have employees working remotely, they may struggle to feel heard as much as physically present employees. But put their video on a three-meter-tall wall, and suddenly everyone has an equal voice in meetings.

Increase Ease-of-Use

In another attempt to maintain talent, offering features like protectors and systems in your meeting rooms that are truly plug-and-play can make everyone’s life a lot easier.

Suppose you invite talent into your office only to ask them to sit and wait while your presenter fiddles with a projector and apologizes nervously. It can certainly put a damper on the whole day for both the recruits and the presenter. But if the people working at your company can easily use all their technology, that makes meetings, recruitment events, etc., significantly more enjoyable.

Talk to AV Planners

At AV Planners, we can check out your office and let you know what an upgrade would look like, providing you with comprehensive AV planning in Los Angeles. If you notice that:

  • You haven’t upgraded your office since before the pandemic.

  • Employees are complaining about efficiency and ease of use with office technology.

  • You sometimes worry that your business’s outdated technology puts off recruits.

  • You have trouble communicating with other branches or office locations.

  • Meetings proceed 10 minutes of fiddling with a projector and buffering images.

Then it may be time for an upgrade.

Contact AV Planners for more information about our services and what a personalized plan might look like for your business. We have many wonderful reviews that speak to the quality of our work. Let us help provide you with the best AV planning in Los Angeles.

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