Security and the ability for real-time collaboration are key in implementing AV solutions for government spaces. On every level, from local to state and federal, government agencies must be able to deliver sensitive information to many people, from within their offices and beyond. Technology can create a centralized and reliable system that improves communication across the board. Government agencies tend not to implement technology upgrades often, so when technology solutions are installed it’s imperative they are reliable and as future-proof as possible.

Technology can be implemented into a wide variety of government spaces, including offices, courtrooms, police stations and control centers. In boardrooms and meeting rooms within government buildings, secure video conferencing and presentation technology enhances user experience and allows for hybrid collaboration. In common areas, digital signage may be used to show a layout of the building for navigation and which rooms are currently occupied.


Centralized command centers are popular in government offices as all the system functions can be viewed and managed in one place. Video walls can be installed in these rooms to display important stats and updates and alert workers when there is an issue or breach. Having a central system minimizes mistakes going unnoticed and allows workers to fix problems as soon as they occur.

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