2021 Why go on vacation

Companies are searching for a solution that gets their employees excited about returning to the office. According to FlexJobs, which surveyed more than 2,100 people who worked remotely during the pandemic, 65% of employees want to work remotely full-time post-pandemic. Another 33% prefer a hybrid work arrangement of remote and in-office work. Offices are designed to be spaces for collaboration and productivity. What will it take for employees to get excited about returning to the office? We have the secret.

Prior to COVID-19, offices for companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google were well known for fostering a unique employee experience with amenities such as dog parks, game rooms, meeting booths, yoga classes, well-being spaces and rock-climbing walls. The concept of creating a unique employee experience is going to become more critical as we move through a dramatic shift in the workplace. 

This could mean making changes to the physical space, like creating outdoor meeting locations. Outdoor spaces integrated with weatherproof technology can redefine corporate collaboration. Utilizing new, unique outdoor spaces also enables companies to maximize their office space. Thanks to the flexibility of technology, meeting spaces can now be relocated to poolside cabanas, rooftop patios, outdoor gardens and other areas that fuel creativity and employee well-being.

We will also see companies embracing entertainment, such as golf simulators, gaming spaces and happy hours. A golf simulator is a great addition to a corporate office — providing employees a unique networking and recreational outlet to enjoy their lunch breaks, happy hours and business meetings. Imagine finishing a conference call and being able to spend your lunch break hitting a few balls at Pebble Beach or TPC Sawgrass, both well-known golf destinations.

The workplace shift may also include accommodating wellness trends. We will see many companies begin to offer wellness programs — such as onsite healthcare services with physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage services, as well as access to fitness centers, classes and community bikes. Companies can take it to another level by teaching new personal and professional skills with free cooking classes, coding degree programs or guitar lessons.

Companies can increase the excitement of returning to the office by creating a space that people want to return to. After all, why go on vacation when you can go to the office? A unique experience also helps retain employees: According to Aflac, 70% of employees enrolled in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled in the company’s program.

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