We’re in the midst of a rapid transformation as students and faculty rely on new technology to safely yet effectively remain connected. We understand that education facilities are busy preparing for the return of students, and we're here to help. Technology integration that empowers seamless video, audio, acoustics and collaboration also promotes enhanced learning in the classroom. 

AV Planners is highlighting a few important technology solutions designed to improve wellness and collaboration in the classroom:  
✍🏽 Collaboration Software: Cloud-based collaboration software enables students to work together (from anywhere) as if they were in the same room. It dynamically facilitates sharing, organizing and interacting with multiple content forms on nearly any device, such as a laptop, mobile device or large touch screen. Distributed classrooms will need to visualize and collaborate on multiple pieces of content at once to flexibly and efficiently accomplish complex work.
🚨 Occupancy Sensors: Classrooms will be fitted with technologies that help manage or limit the number of individuals in a room to accommodate for adequate social distancing. Faculty members will be able to schedule classroom usage and share this information with colleagues through touchless technology or via their own devices.
🤒 Wellness Checks: Thermal-detection cameras are designed to track body temperature and determine if it’s safe for faculty and students to enter the facility. Check out two thermal-detection products we featured on our blog: Athena Security’s Temperature Detection System and OneScreen’s GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner. 
📺 Digital Signage: Digital display solutions help inform, engage and entertain. Interactive wayfinding, or guiding people via directions and navigational information on digital signage displays, can eliminate overcrowded gathering spaces by enabling students to navigate busy hallways and unfamiliar layouts. 
🛒 Education Carts: A mobile education cart enables education facilities to take the classroom anywhere. AV Planners has created a customizable, all-in-one education cart solution that combines cutting-edge technology from our preferred manufacturer partners. 
🎍 Acoustical Elements: Every room is different, requiring a unique audio design to control the room’s decibel level. One creative way to combat noise and bring biophilic elements is to incorporate plants and greenery into a space. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all integration design for education institutions. Many rooms need acoustical treatments to ensure clear sound reproduction and intelligibility for remote instruction, while other rooms need video processors and routers for reliable, seamless video distribution. Is your school prepared for the new era of collaboration? An on-campus survey can help determine the technology necessary to create a flexible distance-learning experience for students and faculty alike. 

As education institutions prepare for the return of students — whether it’s through distance learning, a hybrid approach or a complete return to campus — now is the time to invest in new technology. AV Planners has proven success in designing and integrating distance-learning and in-person collaboration solutions for education facilities across the nation. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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