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Many education institutions have adopted a hybrid model to enable students to rotate between in-person and remote learning. For in-person learning within the hybrid model, physical distancing has become a critical step to promote health and safety. The goal is for students and faculty to have sufficient space in between desks to avoid close contact. When possible, utilizing outdoor spaces can also help with social distancing while promoting an open-air environment. 

It can be challenging for education institutions to relocate a traditional classroom outfitted with the latest technology, such as projectors, video conferencing cameras, speakers and microphones, to a new environment (e.g., gymnasiums, cafeterias and outdoor spaces) to promote social distancing. With the adoption of the hybrid model and social distancing guidelines, education institutions are quickly understanding the need for flexible, easy-to-use technology to provide students with valuable in-person and virtual learning experiences.

A “mobile education cart” enables education facilities to take the classroom anywhere. AV Planners has created a customizable, all-in-one education cart solution that combines cutting-edge technology from our preferred manufacturer partners. Depending on the application and the environment, AV Planners may recommend the following products: 

📽 Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro bridges the learning experience between students and distant classmates, along with students in the actual classroom, in real time. The Meeting Owl Pro features a 360-degree camera with a tri-speaker to capture students and faculty members sitting throughout the room. Connect the Meeting Owl Pro to a computer via USB to quickly blend hybrid classrooms. 
📸 Logitech C930e Webcam is an advanced HD 1080p webcam that delivers crisp, beautiful video for any environment, including low-light and harshly backlit settings. The Logitech C930e includes a wide 90-degree field of view to deliver better video meetings. 
🎤 Shure SLXD14/85 Wireless System combines a bodypack transmitter and lavalier microphone to provide transparent digital audio in large environments. The SLXD14/85 offers teachers a wireless microphone system that’s dependable and easy to use, featuring crystal-clear sound quality. 
🖥 TeachWell Mobile Digital Workspace enables teaching on the move by providing a compact hub to store technology. The TeachWell Workspace contains laptops, tablets and projectors in one place with gliding dual casters for effortless movement. The height-adjustable platform allows teachers to work while sitting or standing to create a personalized fit. 
🛒 Legrand Flat Panel Mobile AV Cart is a durable yet lightweight mobile AV cart with a collapsible design. The Flat Panel Mobile AV Cart can accommodate a large video display, allowing students and instructors to quickly relocate, display content and collaborate in any environment.
📺 Samsung 65” LED 4K UHD Smart TV features exceptional picture quality on a flat-panel display. The HDR technology and 4K UHD resolution render sharp detail and realistic colors. Featuring Bluetooth technology, the smart TV is voice controllable for hands-free operation and seamless wireless streaming. 

AV Planners can create a customized education-cart solution based on the application and environment. AV Planners is also proud to offer the following services included with the purchase of education carts: 

  • Education volume discounts for education institutions purchasing multiple units
  • Scheduled pricing for flexible purchasing 
  • In-house installation for seamless integration 
  • In-service training to enable teacher to use the system with ease
  • Technical support through Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Maintenance programs designed to maintain and extend the life span of the AV system

AV Planners has proven success in designing and integrating distance learning and in-person collaboration solutions for higher education facilities across the nation. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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