Google Jamboard Review - 2017

By: Craig Heiman CEO of AV Planners

I’m approached by many vendors as an AV integrator so it takes a lot for me to get excited. However, when I heard Google was coming out with a new collaboration board, I had to meet with them to see it for myself. I was invited to check out the new Google Jamboard at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  As an Audio Visual expert, who has seen the evolution of interactive collaboration tools, I believe THIS is truly a game changer!


It REALLY is easy to use.

There is nothing more frustrating for me than to walk into a building where we’ve installed the latest interactive board technology and see it is not being used. The truth is people get nervous and intimidated when using these boards. The problem is these types of boards are too complicated and people end up using them as a expensive stand alone whiteboard for notes. The industry that truly embraces this board technology is K-12 teachers that receive regular inservice training. But what about the corporate world? If you’re not using your interactive board to its maximum potential, you’re really missing out. Google has found a solution to this problem with the development of the Google Jamboard. Walk up to a Jamboard and within minutes you’ll be an expert. It’s intuitive in that you simply use it like a ‘real’ white board: an eraser erases (and cleans the screen at the same time), a pen writes (with 1mm accuracy), and for those moments you just need to erase with your finger, you can. There are even added fun sensory details such as when you erase you can see the flakes trickling down the screen. Need to remove an image? Just flick and push it away as fast as removing a pinned photo on a  cork board. The tools also come charger free, so you won’t have to worry about running out of ink or battery life either!  So whether you have new hires, guests, or vendors, anyone is able to instantly use the Google Jam Board.


No operating or device wars here.

In my industry, the compatibility of devices can be a big issue. I’m talking beyond OS, PC and Mac debates. Everyone wants to be universal, and I think Google finally has it down. This is a universal board meaning that it is  agnostic to any platform. The ability to integrate a variety of devices to the board makes it truly unique! If you can’t get to a computer, just use the Google Apps on your phone or tablet. If you can use Google’s G-Suite, you’re already connected, and that makes everything much simpler. Which brings me to….


You’re already using it.

It’s clear Google invested a lot of time, research, and resources into developing the perfect interactive whiteboard (and it even looks cool). It contains awesome integrated features such as a fully integrated camera, speakers, and microphone as well as the ability to collaborate with other Jamboards. What if you need to find and clip an image? Use the integrated Google search. Yet, it’s the integrated use of G-suite, that really blows the competition out of the water. G-Suite contains online office tools that includes Gmail, cloud drive, docs, sheets, slides, and hangouts that seamlessly integrate with the Jamboard.  If you’re like me, and already use G-suite to collaborate with your team, the Jamboard is a natural addition. For example, you can use Google docs to share information in real-time at a meeting, in front of the board, or across the country on your tablet or on your phone. The Jamboard TRULY gives you the flexibility for anyone to collaborate from ANYWHERE using the software you more than likely are already using.

In conclusion, this is Google’s first real device for the boardroom and they really nailed it. I’m energized and excited about a product because I know the Google Jamboard will be this year’s must-have collaboration tool. AV Planners is also thrilled to be among the very first companies to offer the Jamboard to the end user. Give us a call and let us set up a demonstration of the amazing new product.

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