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Schlesinger Group is a worldwide marketing research firm specializing in qualitative and quantitative research data collection services. It has 15 offices across key research markets in the USA and eight facilities in Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France.


AV Planners was tasked to retrofit AV systems in all of Schlesinger Group’s offices throughout the US. Each of the conference rooms were outfitted with new flat panel displays, HD cameras, audio and control systems upgrading from an analog to digital systems. Each of the conference rooms were tied into a central system to

facilitate the recording of sessions in each room. The New York facility was particularly challenging because the upgrade needed to be installed while some of the conference rooms were in use.


AV Planners replaced existing monitors with 70“ Samsung flat panel displays. The rooms were outfitted with new ceiling microphones and ceiling speakers. Each room was also updated with high definition Vaddio video cameras. A Crestron control system was deployed to control all the audio-visual components as well as the recording of theessions.

Schlesinger Group has the ability to remotely switch media sources, adjust cameras and sound levels at regional offices from the main office in New Jersey. In addition, each of the rooms can be controlled independently with a simple GUI Crestron touch panel controller.

AV Planners was able to install over 50 conference rooms throughout the US on time and on budget.

AV Planners continues to provide support to each of the Schlesinger Group’s offices utilizing AV Planners unique online support system for next day service.

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