The Power of Touchless Technology in Retail


The retail industry has been forced to reimagine itself and innovate amid COVID-19. Notably, within the last year, consumer expectations have gravitated toward an all-digital, contactless experience. Retailers are now faced with the challenge of providing consumers with a memorable, interactive in-store experience that limits or eliminates touch-screen interactivity. Touch-screen technology was widely adopted across the world to provide customers with an interactive shopping experience. The adoption of touch-screen technology seemingly shuttered this year as shoppers began to avoid unnecessary contact to maintain their health and safety.

Retailers are now leveraging digital signage to display or deploy new safety measures — such as regular sanitation, touchless payments and crowd-limiting for social distancing — so they can provide customers with a safe, enjoyable shopping experience. Digital signage is also used to highlight products and services, promotions and special events, upcoming product announcements and customer loyalty programs. Digital signage paired with touchless technology creates a value proposition for retailers to capture casual shoppers’ attention, even if shoppers aren’t looking for a particular product or service but are shopping simply for the experience. 

According to a survey put out by Shekel this year, a majority (87%) of shoppers would prefer to shop in stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options. Today, touchless solutions are beginning to play a critical role in the retail experience. By incorporating buttons and sensors that don’t require a physical touch to digital signage displays, retailers can provide a safe yet memorable in-store experience. While there are many touchless technology solutions out there, Audio Authority’s AirSelect Proximity Sensors are the ideal technology to pair with new or existing digital signage displays. 

AirSelect Proximity Sensors, available through AV Planners, could be just what retailers that use digital signage are looking for. The proximity sensors are easily integrated into displays and serve to replace existing push buttons for a touchless experience. The AirSelect Proximity Sensor engages based on the proximity of a customer’s hands, with indicator lights illuminating to guide the customer through the touchless experience.

Touchless technology will continue to gain traction, not only because consumers are more conscious of hygiene but also because a strong in-store experience remains relevant for retailers and consumers. With touchless technology, the future of retail could be transformed. Imagine showrooms that promote product discovery while limiting the number of individuals who have contact with the product before purchasing it. Digital signage displays could be equipped with virtual try-on technology that enables consumers to mix and match outfits and connect with a virtual stylist. Retailers could display a QR Code on digital signage for consumers to find additional product information and order directly from their personal devices. 

The retail industry is in the midst of a massive transformation. Customer interaction will remain at the forefront as the retail industry is reshaped to meet consumers’ growing health and safety demands. Touchless technology in retail enhances consumer trust and comfort while creating a unique, immersive in-store shopping experience. 

If you’re looking for support in navigating touchless technology, AV Planners has proven success in designing interactive, touch-free digital signage solutions for retailers. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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