The way a room sounds depends on the specific acoustic properties of the material in the room. Every venue has a unique sound, known as its acoustic profile, and it is often overlooked as the focus is traditionally placed on aesthetics or technology. Even with best-in-class speakers, a room will still interact negatively with the sound if proper room acoustics are not installed. Have you wondered why a movie sounds phenomenal in a movie theater, but it sounds average in your living room? Or why a conference room lined with glass walls sounds like an echo chamber? It’s because of the room's acoustics.

Room acoustics depend uniquely on the room's shape, the use of any acoustic paneling, furniture materials and placement, ceiling height and construction materials. Each room is uniquely different, which requires a unique approach to noise control. The quality of a room's audio technology, such as microphones and speakers, plays a vital role in the user's experience but the acoustic profile can make or break it. Spaces with considerable noise levels, such as schools, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and hospitality spaces (including hotels, restaurants, and meeting spaces) need to evaluate the environment's acoustic profile. 

AV Planners’ trusted partner, Sound Management Group, provides AV Planners’ clients with a unique, tailored approach to acoustics. “AV Planners has a long, successful history of working with Sound Management Group to provide our clients with unique acoustic solutions,” said Craig Heiman. “The acoustic elements of a room are important to providing our clients with a positive user experience. Having a partner that understands the acoustics for any space, from a small office suite to a large auditorium, while complementing the rooms aesthetics and AV Planners’ integrated technology is critical to providing our clients with a complete solution.”

Sound Management Group provides a hybrid, turnkey approach to noise control with in-house product offerings, expert analysis and professional installation. The nationwide company can streamline the entire acoustical process by assessing the space to provide an in-depth overview of the acoustic profile. Passive acoustic products such as fabric panels, barrier systems, custom digital print murals and soundproof windows, are manufactured in-house to provide a customized solution to match an existing room's aesthetics. Sound shadow sound masking systems are also used in areas where speech privacy or workspace efficiency is a priority.  Trained technicians will install the systems and provide real-time data on the room acoustics' improvements utilizing RT60 measurements or ASTC measurement criteria. 

AV Planners specializes in the design and installation of audio and video systems, control systems, video collaboration, access control, and network management. Even with a flawless AV system, ineffective sound absorption can ruin the user's experience. Sound Management Group creates acoustical designs that optimize AV Planners' audio and video systems. Their customized acoustic treatments can be designed to match a company's branding and complement a room's existing aesthetics. 

If you're looking to improve room acoustics to create a more enjoyable user experience, AV Planners and Sound Management Group have proven success in designing and integrating complete AV systems with unique noise control solutions. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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