Improve Group Video Conferencing With Crestron's Smart Soundbar

By Craig Heiman April 25, 2023 AV Equipment

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Being on a group video call can be challenging, especially when dealing with acoustic nightmares and workspaces- such as small huddle rooms and spaces with open ceilings and concrete floors. That's where AV Planners' audio visual installations and AV support come in.

Level-Up Your AV Set Up With The Crestron Smart Soundbar

The Crestron Smart Soundbar was designed for these types of environments. This unique soundbar combines digital signal processing - including acoustic echo cancellation, amplification speakers, and beamforming microphones. This technology allows for pinpoint accuracy when on a call.

But that's not all!

The Smart Soundbar also includes a 4K camera with a wide-angle lens, which can capture each participant even when meeting spaces can be in small huddle spaces.

The Crestron Smart Soundbar is the perfect AV equipment for Zoom video conferencing and is an all-in-one video conferencing solution, creating excellent sound and 4K video quality.

The sleek design and thin form factor blend nicely with your existing audio visual installation and keep all cables and connectors out of site.

The Crestron Smart Soundbar delivers:

  • Incomparable microphone pick-up for medium and small-sized conference rooms
  • Intelligent 4K camera that can count people and pick up on visual cues and gestures
  • Auto tracking and digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom to pick up whoever is speaking with precision
  • Acoustic echo cancellation

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