Encouraging Employees to Safely Return to the Workplace

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Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and other corporate leaders have begun opening their doors to bring the country’s workforce back to their skyscrapers, office parks and campuses. Other companies, such as Disney and Google, are mandating that some of their workers receive vaccinations before returning to the office. 

There’s more to going back to the office after COVID-19 than just showing up to work. It’s no question that employees are entering a drastically different work environment than they left nearly a year and a half ago, and there are a lot of questions on how our office spaces will operate and how workspaces will look different now. With ever-changing mandates regarding vaccines, masks and social distancing, digital signage is an easy way to update these guidelines and keep employees informed.

Digital signage is an on-screen installation that displays informative video, photo or text. It can be used to remind employees to wear a mask or wash their hands, or can even show the occupancy and availability of specific rooms in real time. The interactive display can utilize touch screen systems to help employees navigate maps and new workspace layouts. This technology can be placed in any room, from reception to bathrooms and meeting rooms, or any other space. Allowing you to communicate promptly and easily with employees in the office, digital signage is a great tool to make people feel more secure about coming back to work. 

Digital signage can be controlled remotely, meaning you can update its content from wherever you are, whenever you need to. This allows you to promptly and quickly communicate to everyone in the office when there are new changes.

Artificial intelligence-powered digital signage can track the number of people in office at any given time to make sure they aren't over occupancy, and can make sure people are wearing a mask if that is required. In reception areas, employees can use QR codes to sign in, as well, helping you keep track of who is in the office and when. 

Not only is it a valuable communication tool, but digital signage also increases workplace productivity. According to SignageLive, digital signage in the workplace can increase productivity by 25% and improve brand awareness by over 45%. Through improved messaging and communication, employees spend less time trying to navigate the new environment and more time actually getting things done.

Digital signage provides reassurance to workers, as they will feel comfortable knowing that you have these guidelines set in place where they can find them. Employees won’t feel left in the dark when there is a change to protocol and can ease back into work in a more efficient manner. Digital signage is unobtrusive to peoples’ activities and is eye-catching, meaning no one will miss a message they need to be aware of. 

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