Did You Know That AV Planners Now Provides Security Solutions?

By Craig Heiman April 18, 2022 Security solutions

Camera in officeDigital security solutions have become an integral element of crime prevention and safety in recent years. For example, there are over 770 million surveillance cameras installed around the world, protecting millions of businesses. When used in conjunction with each other, video security and surveillance systems can do a lot to support the safety of an organization's assets.

To help our clients increase the safety of their businesses and the people who power them, AV Planners has recently started offering low voltage, convenient, user-friendly security solutions, including CCTV and cloud-based video surveillance, access control systems, and intrusion and alarm systems.

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system can do far more than simply record video. AV Planner’s video solutions can detect when objects have been removed, a boundary line has been crossed, and detect motion, as well. With a video surveillance system, you get the evidence you can present in court, making it easier to catch criminals, recover losses, and hold them accountable.

Each video solution needs to be unique—and based on the needs of your business. This means you need to be able to choose:

  • Different platforms, such as HD-TVI or networked IP (Internet Protocol)
  • The right kind and shape of the camera, including dome, turret, bullet, fisheye, panoramic, PTZ, or covert
  • The resolution you need is based on how much detail you want in your videos
  • Infrared (IR) capabilities, which help the system see at night
  • Your field of view, which enables you to observe a wider or more narrow visual range

AV Planners’ solutions provide customers with all these options, and you can get guidance regarding which ones are best for your needs.

Access Control

Access control is essential, particularly because thieves, hackers, and intruders often use both digital and physical methods of entry. With AV Planners’ access control solutions you can manage permissions, cards and cardholders, and door lock schedules. You also gain visibility into all activity relating to entry access, both successful and unsuccessful, with customizable reporting features.

The access control system can also be integrated with your video surveillance system and HR databases, and the entire system can be managed using AV Planners’ free iOS and Android apps.

Intrusion and Alarm Systems

With a monitored alarm system in place, you can have greater peace of mind regarding the safety and security of your business, particularly because it not only deters crime but also gives you remote access.

With AV Planner’s intrusion prevention and alarm systems, you get a thorough assessment of your property or area you want to protect, ensuring the best solution for your needs. With each customized package in the LA area, you get an in-person walkthrough. During this visit, AV Planners’ techs assess the vulnerabilities and possible points of entry for your business.

The system can also send and receive alerts in real-time. In this way, you get notified of any suspicious activity. You also have the option of using this system to notify law enforcement. This puts them in a position to respond to an incident right away, so they can catch and deter more criminals.

Cloud Video Surveillance

A cloud video surveillance system offers a few additional benefits that may make it preferable to a traditional video system. All video gets stored in the cloud, which means it’s securely kept in a remote data center.

With a cloud system, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your video footage, including looking at multiple locations or sites on a single device. In this way, if you have more than one location, such as your headquarters and a satellite office, you can keep an eye on both with a single mobile device. In addition, you get push notifications for pre-defined events. This gives you the option of being alerted if and when there’s a potential incident.

A cloud-based system is also economical because:

  • You can pay a single, low monthly fee
  • You have the ability to scale up, adding more sites and cameras as you need without having to set up new infrastructure
  • You don’t have to pay for recording software or hardware because the provider takes care of that for you
  • There’s no need to worry about maintaining or repairing your recording infrastructure because the provider handles that

The peace of mind you gain from knowing you have your most valuable assets protected is priceless. To get your own, personalized security assessment, connect with AV Planners today.

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