Designing an Intelligent Workplace with Cloud-Based Solutions


Cloud-based service models are widely accepted among consumers for a relatively simple reason: convenience. In a cloud-based service model, individuals can access products and services without having to own them. Tangible products, like computers and cell phones, often require both an upfront fee and a monthly cost to operate. Alternatively, services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify and Apple Music only require a monthly fee, allowing users to conveniently access content on demand. Similar to the growing trend of service models in consumer technology, the future of workplace technology will revolve around flexible cloud-based solutions. 

A cloud-based service model offers organizations more customization and flexibility while addressing various application and infrastructure needs, such as CRM and data storage. Unlike traditional IT solutions — where software and hardware are funded upfront by departments and implemented over many months — cloud-based services can be deployed in only minutes or hours. Cloud-based services range from full applications and development platforms to servers, storage and virtual desktops. They enable organizations to have more agility and manage expenses more efficiently, better aligning costs to actual usage.

AV Planners provides cloud-based services designed for corporate, government and higher education entities wanting to deploy quickly, manage remotely, monitor instantly and evolve confidently. Services include: 

  • Implementation of new technology over an IoT-based platform, resulting in reduced installation costs and infrastructure expenses. 
  • Configuration of thousands of devices simultaneously and remotely, in the same time it takes to configure a single device. 
  • Remote updates of settings and firmware to enable instantaneous changes to a single setting, making the update effective everywhere, on all devices. 
  • Offsite remote management and monitoring to resolve events quickly and efficiently, meanwhile reducing device downtime.  
  • Monitoring of device analytics through interactive dashboards to determine how spaces and technology are being used. 
  • Using accurate data to inform organizations on how to design workplace technology around their team and optimize user experiences. 

AV Planners will supply, install and configure the system; continuously monitor it to troubleshoot issues and reduce system downtime proactively; and offer onsite customer training for new systems. A cloud-based service will often include a service level agreement (SLA) that provides defined response times for issues management, as well as regular maintenance.

AV Planners has proven success in providing cloud-based services for corporate, government and higher education entities. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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