Customized Programming to Enhance User Experience

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Employees are increasingly in and out of the office. Employees want to maximize their in-office work time in the hybrid workplace with face-to-face meetings and interpersonal collaboration. Intuitive room control systems streamline the connectivity process by making it simple and easy to turn on lights and video displays, utilize microphones, speakers and video conferencing cameras, and connect personal devices to share and present. All with the touch of a button.

Programming has become an essential component in today’s AV systems. It’s the backbone of any room control system. As technology enhances and improves the overall user experience, it becomes more complex to integrate control systems during the installation and programming stage. Today’s sophisticated systems require programming from trained and experienced programmers. AV Planners is unique because we have in-house AV programmers. Our dedicated programmers provide on-site support to ensure a seamless user experience during the installation. 

A programmer is responsible for delivering the overall user experience, whether in a meeting room, huddle room or conference room. They create a program that enables users to interact with the audiovisual equipment in a dedicated room from an easy-to-use interface, such as a touch panel or control panel. The programmer develops spaces to enable seamless integration with audiovisual equipment in the room, including video displays, audio speakers, video conferencing cameras, microphones and other technology components. Most importantly, a programmer is responsible for developing a modern, effective user interface design. 

It’s critical to choose a programmer with knowledge and experience in the common, necessary systems, including Crestron and QSC. An experienced programmer will deliver a clean, elegant code. AV Planners specializes in providing easy-to-use control systems using Crestron and QSC technology. Our in-house programmers are trained to design intuitive systems using the latest technology from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Crestron and QSC. 

We take pride in providing reliable AV systems, but we’re much more than an integrator of audiovisual and collaboration solutions. We have more than 50 years of combined experience to answer organizations’ most difficult problems and technical challenges. At AV Planners, we’re proud to be a solutions provider that designs, integrates, manages and supports clients to improve user experience in the digital workplace experience. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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