More than 69%, or two-thirds, of working professionals’ offices have now reopened (or were never closed in the first place), according to a new survey conducted by LinkedIn and Censuswide of 1,000 workers across the country. CBS News has highlighted New York City’s return to the office. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times shed light on Los Angeles’ return-to-work movement.

As working professionals across the nation return to the office, how can employers utilize existing technology to keep their employees safe? Many people didn’t think twice about communal surfaces in the office until recently, but today, communal surfaces are a hot topic concerning health and safety. Touchless technology solves common problems around communal surfaces by empowering working professionals to securely connect with their personal technology.

Crestron ONE simplifies everyday tasks to make connecting with touchless technology easier. With the Crestron ONE app, available on iOS and Android devices, users can enter a room and connect to control technology via Bluetooth. To ensure compliance with global IT security standards, personal devices are not required to reside on the same network as the Crestron equipment. Once the device is paired over Bluetooth, the in-room Crestron device will display a challenge code (either a QR Code or four-digit passcode) to complete the device authentication. Through the Crestron ONE app, users can manage existing room technology — including audio, video, lighting, cameras, microphones, and scheduling and third-party systems — without having to touch anything but their personal device. Meanwhile, meeting participants can remain in their designated seats throughout the meeting to accommodate adequate social distancing. Crestron ONE is optimized for mobile devices, enabling a room-control experience that functions with Crestron’s award-winning technology while focusing on security and simplicity.

Crestron's ONEIt’s important to make the workplace as safe as possible and to ensure that employees returning to the office can utilize collaboration technology effectively and securely. Crestron ONE empowers touchless room management by enabling a control experience from any personal device. Crestron ONE can be added across existing footprints without network or design changes. Using Crestron equipment and code, and without the need for additional programming, AV Planners can easily configure the in-room experience to offer the right controls for each space.

As a licensed Crestron dealer, AV Planners can design and implement Crestron ONE for a safe yet functional workplace. Existing Crestron systems can be retrofitted to work alongside Crestron ONE to create simple, cost-effective meeting room solutions. Contact AV Planners via email at, or call us at 213-493-6473 to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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