Ghosts, goblins and ghouls tend to frighten most people during the Halloween season (or, for some of us, all year long). But if you rely on AV equipment, the fear of a systems failure should haunt your dreams at night, too. If your AV system is down and you’re unable to fix it, it could cost your business time and money. In the worst-case scenario, systems that operate without service for too long may need to be completely replaced. 

A powerful AV solution rarely stops at audio and video. It may include lighting control, room automation, graphical user-interface controls, network security, videoconferencing technology, software and cloud-based services, and touchless technology. Businesses often need a robust system that’s still easy to integrate,  designed for a single room, multiple rooms or an entire building. A robust solution requires a well-trained integrator who specializes in AV design, and the solution requires expert-level maintenance service too.

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Imagine walking into a conference room for an important meeting and quickly realizing the projector is down, the internet isn’t performing or the HDBaseT system isn’t recognizing a source. Old or blown-out bulbs are often the source of a projector failure. Internet lag can slow down videos and make it impossible to collaborate. Out-of-date firmware can prohibit devices from supporting the updated protocol. Do you really have time to troubleshoot before your meeting? Proactively maintaining AV equipment can improve day-to-day operations, extend a system's life span and, most importantly, reduce expenses. 

Historically, AV maintenance was performed reactively. A system would break or malfunction, and an integrator would perform on-demand services and bill the client for the completed work. As technology has evolved, end users have opted into managed services programs with service level agreements (SLAs) from integrators to ensure their equipment is performing seamlessly.

The more complex technology and complicated design solutions your DSC_1577business relies on, the more critical an AV maintenance contract becomes. Without maintenance, systems can fail, and you may lose your initial investment in technology. A maintenance contract could cover technology and applications for room scheduling, video conferencing, equipment allocation, network updates, remote monitoring and emergency support. It is designed to ensure your system's potential problems are found early and resolved quickly so your technology is constantly at its peak performance. With regular maintenance done by an experienced technician, your system will last longer, perform better and save you money in the long run. 

Avoid having your own AV horror story. Anyone relying on audiovisual technology in the workplace should consider the benefits of an AV maintenance contract. Contact AV Planners via email at, or call us at 213-493-6473 for more information. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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