AV Planners Featured Product: Microsoft Surface Hub


Teams across the world are looking for ways to collaborate together while working from their own location as the hybrid work environment is being deployed rapidly across the globe. Many companies are searching for a technology solution that empowers employees to meet virtually and work side-by-side, without needing to be face-to-face. Not only should technology create a more flexible workplace, but it should promote more efficient meetings and reduce the time spent in meetings. Today, we have the technology to enable flexibility in the workplace (whether workers are virtual or in person) while promoting collaboration. 

The Microsoft Surface Hub, available from AV Planners, is designed to enable teamwork without boundaries. The modern, all-in-one collaborative canvas and meeting platform brings Windows 10 to teams. Designed to bridge the distance between remote team members, the Surface Hub creates a powerful meeting and collaboration platform with an interactive whiteboard. Here are three reasons to consider a Microsoft Surface Hub for your work environment: 

  • Make human connections in a hybrid environment by connecting remote colleagues to the room with a life-sized video. It’s simple to connect with a Microsoft Teams-certified mic array and video camera. 
  • Increase your team's focus with fast and clear visuals while collaborating in real-time using Microsoft Whiteboard. 
  • Take brainstorming to the next level by team working across multiple platforms. Users can run essential Microsoft and third-party applications to brainstorm, review and report. 

With the Microsoft Surface Hub, it’s easy to make any space a teamwork space. Whether the space is small and intimate or large and open, the Microsoft Surface Hub is available on a mobile stand that can be easily wheeled from one location to another. Or, the Microsoft Surface Hub can be configured on the wall. The large display enables teams to meet in-person while allocating space among meeting participants for social distancing.

Investing in new technology might seem overwhelming. But new collaboration solutions can streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies and increase profitability within the organization and among external partners — including freelancers, insurance organizations, accountants and more. The adoption of collaboration and video technology can empower organizations to break down the barriers of communication.

If you’re looking to transform the way your team can work, collaborate and succeed, AV Planners has proven success enhancing corporate office spaces through technology. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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