I was recently on a bike ride and the air pressure on one of my tires was running low, so I stopped by a nearby bike shop to see if they could add a bit of air to the tire. I had previously passed the shop a dozen times but never stopped by. The owner, Mike, graciously offered to help me out and put air in my tires so I could continue on my bike ride. A few weeks later when I was shopping for a new bike, because I had such a great experience during my impromptu visit, I returned to the local bike shop. 

I explained to Mike the discomfort that I was experiencing with my current bike and asked if he had any bikes available to provide me with a better riding experience. Mike gave me a few cycles to test out, but he ultimately said, “Craig, I don’t think you need a new bike. An extension on your bike handles would fix the discomfort that you’re experiencing on the bike.” Mike listened to my feedback and, because of that, was able to provide me with the appropriate solution to solve my problem. He didn’t sell me something that I didn’t need, like another bike that would only cause the same issues. He provided me with a solution and a personal level of customer support. I was satisfied with my experience at the bike shop, and I became a customer for life. 

It was that experience at the local bike shop that reminded me why we do what we do. At AV Planners, we understand that the key to any healthy relationship is effective communication. And active listening is the foundation of effective communication. To effectively be an active listener, it’s important to focus on the words the customer is saying and understanding what those words mean. 

Because of our deep-rooted understanding in communication, we focus on our customers' feedback from the initial site visit to the project's completion. During our initial site visits, we meet with our customers to learn about their pain points and technology needs. Our customers' feedback is the best way for us to gather design-specific details to create a customized solution tailored to customers' specific needs while remaining within their budget. We aren’t going to recommend technology that our customers don’t need or won’t use. We want our customers to use their AV system seamlessly, whether in a conference room, classroom, medical office or retail space. Often, the best solutions are the most simple ones. 

We provide a personalized level of customer support after our installation is completed, too. Our trustworthy technicians provide on-site maintenance through our in-house maintenance agreements. The maintenance agreements often include various support options, including remote technical assistance, on-site expert response, preventative support, extended warranties and systems training. We believe our job isn’t done once the installation is complete. 

At AV Planners, our priority is our customers. We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We want our clients to rely on us as if we were part of their company. AV Planners has proven success designing and integrating seamless systems for corporate offices, airports, higher education facilities and other commercial spaces requiring the latest technology. Contact AV Planners to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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