When the IW Group, an award winning, full-service advertising and PR agency, planned their move to a new facility, they not only imagine workspace upgrades, but a completed re-designed, welcoming, comfortable environment that would make the workplace enjoyable for their employees. AV Planners worked alongside the IW architect, Interior Designer, CEO and their IT team to develop and redesigned a space in the NY Life building in Mid Wilshire that would be functional, Feng Shui balanced, all while being aesthetically pleasing. ‘‘A challenge when it comes to the Audio Visual aspect, beyond making technology seamless and ‘invisible’, the right acoustics for clear audio is not an easy feat when you’re dealing with polished concrete floors, wall to wall glass windows and high 15’ open space ceiling,’’ said Eric Petersen PM, AV Planners The end result? Stylish, modern, playful AND functional.

Lounge Room

A dynamic space was created with some Lounge Rooms decked out with beanbags, accessible Apple TVs throughout and playful break rooms, which were named by the employees themselves after Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Hollywood, The Valley, and DTLA. It became a space where employees instantly felt at ease to catch up or grab a controller for a quick game on the newly installed PlayStations.

Shure MXA microphones were hung from the ceiling, in fact, the complete setup includes 18 microphones with advanced audio conferencing capabilities. ''There just isn’t another microphone quite like this, the MXA microphone does a phenomenal job of picking up the voices in the room. We didn’t want to distract from the aesthetics of the room, these are invisible and dynamic in terms of picking up each particular voice.’’ said Eric. 

Combined with automatic echo cancellation using the Tesira forte, as well as automatic gain control, noise cancellation, and well tuned acoustics, these polished concrete floors, where audios and noises love to bounce off became a clear, echo free environment.

Huddle Room

Several huddle spaces were designed, for quick in house meetings. Strategically placed among the open office space, each containing a large display with a Creston auto-switcher, Air Media for BYOD and wireless presentation. As an added bonus, they got one of the first and long awaited Google Jamboards, with the added flexibility of keeping it on it’s stand, easy to wheel, move, a flexible interactive whiteboard that will be sure to be the most popular item around the office.

Main Lobby

The moment you enter the Main Lobby you’re greeted with an impressive, crystal clear, 3x1 video wall, they work together to form one large screen or if preferred a section for the company to show off their impressive portfolio while some digital signage displays, company, building or local information.

Great Room

One of their most unique spaces is their Great Room, impressive steel barn doors open up to a stadium style seating in this all-hands-in meeting room, perfect for video conferencing with large groups. It’s here where two 90’’ inch NEC displays were installed with a Polycom Group Series 500, a camera off to the side and a Shure microphone solution.

Conference Room

But when your client portfolio ranges from Coca-Cola, to Lexus, HBO and McDonald's, you need a designated area specifically designed for high level meetings. That’s exactly what their Executive Conference room became, an impressive, grand space for video, tele-conferencing and presentation tools to cover every need imaginable. The room was outfitted with Air Media, pendant speakers by Sound Tube RS62-EZ-WH, a Biamp TesiraForte, AVB VI, Shure MXA910W, and a Polycom system. All with complete with a Crestron Control System linked to an iPad for touch control. One side of the room features an 84” Microsoft Surface Hub for collaboration while the other side shows off a huge 90” NEC E905 Display Screen with a Polycom Group 500 Series for calls or presentations.

The revitalized office, welcomed their team into a simple, open and easy to use space despite the AV challenges these beautiful spaces can sometimes pose. AV Planners takes pride in the designing of the entire system and careful planning of spaces for the IW Group office. Are you looking to revamp or move into a new space? AV Planners can help you maximize the use of your space, bridging aesthetics and function for a more enjoyable work experience. Email us at info@avplanners.com, give us a call at 800-409-3587 or fill out the contact form below.

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