Maximize Meeting Efficiency with Cloud-Based Workflow Technology

Many employees are struggling with the transition to working from home. It's not practical to assume people can jump on a meeting every time something needs to be discussed. The transition to working from home raises questions on how employees collaborate on ideas and projects when they aren't in the same room. 

It's safe to say remote work is here to stay, and, because of that, implementing a remote-work policy and a set of practices is essential to employees' well-being. Even three years ago, a Harvard Business Review study revealed that 96% of employees need flexibility in the workplace. You can imagine, in current times, that desire for flexibility has not weaned. 

As employees crave flexibility, we expect to see many companies embrace the hybrid workplace model. The hybrid model combines remote work with office work, similar to how many schools offer a hybrid learning approach. A hybrid workplace includes designated days for in-office meetings and collaboration, and remote days for individual focus and flexibility. The most crucial component of a successful hybrid workplace model is technology. 

Many companies are searching for a technology solution that empowers employees to meet virtually and work side by side outside of meetings, without needing to be face to face. Not only should technology create a more flexible workplace, but it should promote more efficient meetings and reduce the time spent in meetings. Today, we have the technology to enable flexibility in the workplace (whether workers are virtual or in person) while promoting collaboration. 

Bluescape, available through AV Planners, is designed to bring everyone and everything together, and people can be located anywhere. The cloud-based workspace enables teams to work together as if they were in the same room. It dynamically facilitates sharing, organizing and interacting with multiple content forms on nearly any device, such as a laptop, mobile device or a large touch screen. Bluescape promotes real-time collaboration by enabling teams to see their content side by side. 

“Seize the big picture - Distributed teams need to visualize and collaborate with multiple pieces of content at once to get on the same page and accomplish complex work. Major motion picture studios, manufacturers, and learning institutions are improving productivity and decisions by making their brainstorms, documents, and data all available at a glance. Reduce project times by 50% and meeting times by 25%.”

Bluescape is compatible with existing video conferencing solutions, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex. It enables interactive group sessions designed for project planning, crisis response and brainstorming, using a virtual yet secure whiteboard. With Bluescape, employees can drop in necessary documents, web links, video and images, reviewing the content side by side on a single platform. It empowers employees to view everything on a single screen and interact in real-time. Bluescape can hold a project's content to empower teams to collaborate on deliverables while allowing leaders to view project progress. Employees can post comments, share feedback and communicate freely to promote strong meeting communication. Commonly used content management solutions, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, are compatible with Bluescape to create a seamless integration for employees.

Most importantly, Bluescape was designed with a security-first approach. Employees can collaborate on their content securely, no matter where they are or what device they are using. Bluescape enables employees to get more done and be more productive as they securely access content.

If you're looking for support navigating technology for the future of the workplace, AV Planners has proven success in designing and integrating hybrid workplaces. To learn more about Bluescape, visit Contact AV Planners for a proof of concept using Bluescape. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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