AV Planners and Crater software Launch Innovative Platform for Real Time Virtual AV Consultations

By Craig Heiman June 29, 2016 Press AV Equipment News

The software allows for engineers and tech support personnel to meet with clients onsite by booking a video call directly from the AV Planner’s website. The easy to use video solution gives the engineer the ability to virtually walk the room with the client, gathering facts and allowing the AV Planners team to come up with a custom audio visual proposal or help tech support diagnose a specific problem.

‘‘We value our client’s busy schedule, and Crater’s software gives AV Planners another way to streamline the process of designing an AV System or even providing technical support.’’ says Craig Heiman, CEO of AV Planners. ‘‘For some of our clients whose fast-paced lives may make it difficult to have a meeting, this will enable us to virtually walk the room with them and complete a site survey, accommodating their calendar, whether they're across the country or across the globe.’’

In many scenarios when a consultant meets with the client they review photos and notes, now an engineer can meet the client via a live video session and answer questions on the fly. The software allows the engineer to see exactly what the client is recording in the room, creating a custom proposal within a shorter amount of time instead of having to send an engineer onsite.

"Crater instantly connects customers through a portal in real time that allows for video calls say through their mobile device or tablet.’’ says Daniela N. Alpert, Founder & Director of Crater. ‘‘Our technology enables a win, win situation. AV Planners can reduce travel time and fuel costs to each site survey location, while the customer is able to schedule a virtual consultation at a time that's most convenient for them."

The virtual video consultation software is available now, for more information visit the AV Planners website at AVPlanners.com

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